December 18-19, 2010 - fresh weekend AMATEUR DRAWING CELEBRATION knowledge

Obviously, you've already probably seen the collection of amateur drawings for (the last 7/12 of) the year, but if you were wondering which of these drawings Mr. Konway was most proud of, then wonder no more, because today, I present to you, my loyal reader(s) with my 10 favorite drawings for the year. It started out so innocently, with some simple mouse drawings on Microsoft Paint, and evolved into...well, I guess some very slightly more complex, but still beautifully and painfully simple drawings via Microsoft Paint. While my art skills remain unquestionably amateur, my hope was to get across a very simplistic point with minimal effort. I hope that mission was accomplished...and if not, I'll try harder from now on.

No illustration collection would be complete without a beautiful self-portrait. Of course, while we wait for a beautiful one, here is a subpar self-portrait of the amazing Konway East.

This, in my opinion, was where the amateur drawings started to become decidedly slightly less amateur.

This was special because it was an awesome thumbs up and a tribute to the beautiful Elena Kagan.

Drawing states can be a difficult proposition, so imagine my surprise when this picture of Alaska turned out so wonderfully.

Who can forget when that nutjob male flight attendant ejected himself via slide from his aircraft…and who can forget the amateur drawing that went along with it?

This was based off of a result on Google images and a tribute to Tiger Woods finalizing his divorce…it makes for a lovely combo.

What better way to celebrate user-selected favorite animals than with a drawing of the only creature in the world actually named Animal.

It's a religious peanut to be exact.

One of a handful of people that I would currently consider depicting in a drawing, and the only one who I could not possibly pass up. He is almost cartoonish in appearance, making him an easy subject.

I had a hard time figuring out how to depict the WikiLeaks drama in a simple drawing, until I came up with the idea of the word Wiki leaking. Genius, I know.
favorite DRAWING!


  1. Konway, I don't know what it is about your drawings, but they put a smile on my face. Keep on truckin', baby!

  2. Voted!! You will continue doing these in 2011 too right? Happy Holidays mister!

  3. I voted for number 10.
    I thought it was two bugs crawling on a Wiki sign at first. --'Wiki'leaking =D


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