August 28-29, 2010 - fresh weekend FAVORITE ANIMAL knowledge

This week we asked people to tell us what their favorite animal was, and why. They responded...not in droves...but just enough to make an entire post!
nothingprofound says...
"The squirrel-because it seems designed for nothing but fun."
Oh, those squirrels are, well, they're nutty, but if you ask me, they seem like rodents who wandered out of the forest accidentally and ended up in our front yards. Plus, they need to really work on their car-avoidance skills.

deriver69 says...
"The Slow Loris has to be the worlds best animal, as cute as an orangutan but slightly easier to spell."
Fair enough, as long as it's significantly smaller than a chimpanzee. Ever since that pet chimp mauled the hell out of their owner's neighbor, I've been deathly afraid of those guys.
MyTwistNews says...
"Penguins cos they waddle and are cute. The small rockhopper/jackass penguins, not the big emperor version."
Did you know that penguins can only be found in the Southern hemisphere? They also can't fly, and they look like they are wearing tuxedos. I still wonder why God made a bird that can't fly, and has feet but no legs. Seems like a crazy trick.
Shiley says...
"Horse they are majestic and graceful and since unicorns don't really exist..."
What do you mean unicorns don't exist? They are as real as the Double Rainbow! Oh well, I guess horses are pretty cool. I'm partial to Mister Ed, but I also enjoy wagering on various random horses on occasion.
legbamel says...
"I love polar bears because they're all left handed. They understand my pain, trying to navigate in a right-handed world. Have you ever seen one struggle to cut cleanly with a pair of regular scissors?"
I'm not sure if this is true, or how anyone would ever prove it, as polar bears don't even have hands. However, the thought of a polar bear without scissors is scary enough. Needless to say, I'm sure we will all have nightmares about polar bears chasing us with scissors tonight.
Hankmann says...
"The Bald Eagle. So majestic, so powerful and so regal."
They also always have that crazy look in their eyes, and they could swoop down and peck the hell out of you at any moment or just pick you up and fly away with you back to their nest, but other than that, I guess they're pretty cool.
"Elephants symbolize good luck - not sure why, but they do. Also, they seem gentle but really they are badd*ss! Healthy elephants aren't directly threatened by any other animal. They are intelligent, loyal to their fams & they keep Barnum & Bailey employed. What's not to love?"
Yeah, I guess you have made a pretty strong case for elephants. They're not the prettiest animals, and they are scared of mice, but who didn't love Dumbo?
liftingmeup says...
"The Hermit Crab, dude!! All those little buggers do is sleep all day and then roam about like madmen all night. They even squeal at each other at night."
Dude! Sounds pretty interesting. Although, the last thing I'd want is some crazy crabs roaming around all night squealing and getting ready to pinch me while I'm trying to sleep. I suppose it's better than those Alaskan king crabs that those Deadliest Catch dudes risk their lives trying to trap.
Macky says...
"I choose foxes because they are very sly and David the Gnome had one. Also, the British ones do very big poos. I'm pretty sure that's a sign of superior intelligence and physical domination in the animal kingdom."
Foxes are just really tricky dogs. If they weren't so smart, we would have domesticated them years ago. However, the real winner here is David the Gnome. I also have to mention the even more amazing classic cartoon, The Fox and The Hound.
pandora106 says...
"Parrots. They are very intelligent and and love being around you when you have earned there trust."
Yeah, I guess parrots sound pretty cool...if you're a pirate!

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  1. Foxes are dogs that act like cats.

  2. I agree with MyTwistNews. I'm sad my Tiger and his two buddies didn't make it up there. RAWR!!


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