August 27, 2010 - New York presents: Taxicab Tensions

muslim cab driver stabbed
I might be wrong about this, seeing as it's not exactly my area of expertise, but isn't religion supposed to be more about peace and less about violence? I mean, sure, if you read anything about anything that happens in the Middle East, you would never know it, but still, you would think maybe things are a little more civilized back here at home. On Tuesday, some chubby drunk kid in New York City proved that wrong by taking it upon himself to right all the wrongs ever caused by religion by...stabbing a Muslim cab driver? With tensions already high in the Big Apple with the possibility of a mosque being built within the city limits (I know, crazy!), I am not sure if everyone will just forget about all that and get along now. I do assume that was the plan though...

Q: How many roads must a man walk down?
A: Listen, buddy, I don't know where you are from, but where I am from, we don't walk down roads. (Well, not unless you are homeless. Then you can walk/push your shopping cart pretty much anywhere you want, I mean, what are they gonna do, put you in jail?) So, anyway, I would like to introduce you to the concept of the sidewalk. It's a big enough problem having all these reckless bikers weaving in and out of traffic, we need pedestrians to stay where they are (relatively) safe on the sidewalks!
singing mayoral candidate
Basil Marceaux, move over! This guy has God on his side too…and he's persistent…like scarily persistent.
bristol palin dancing with the stars
Bristol Palin is just your typical single mom trying to make it on her own…who gets paid ridiculous amounts for speaking engagements and is going to be appearing on a dancing celebrity competition.
professor fired for porn equipment
Professor Oliver Collins allegedly spent $190,000 in federal grant money to buy equipment to film porn, but, citing the oldest trick in the book, he claims the porn on all his computers wasn't even his.
dudes love miss phillipines
Is it possible you guys are just using Miss Phillipines as an excuse to dance around in your boxers while hugging your buddies and screaming like little girls?
macaulay culkin turns 30
If it wasn't already official, it is now that Macaulay Culkin has turned 30: you are OLD!

I didn't watch this show a lot. It was pretty much before my time, but I'm pretty sure that Danny Devito, Tony Danza and the gang didn't face the problems that today's Muslim cabbies face.

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  1. Awesome answer to question of the day..Thanks for the education, You are a wise person...


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