August 26, 2010 - (No) Viva (en) Mexico!

mexican ranch massacre
If you think there is a problem with how we handle illegal immigration here in the United States, here is a suggestion that is going to sound strange at first, but will make a lot more sense once I explain. How about you turn the tables on them, and move to Mexico? You see, in Mexico, it appears there are drug cartels that are about as harsh on illegal immigration as anyone could possibly imagine. Yesterday, 72 immigrant bodies were found on a ranch in Mexico, most of them believed to be immigrants making their way to the United States only to be gunned down by a drug cartel looking to extort or kidnap immigrants. Which brings us to another selling point for your move: don't trust the government to run things? Well, in Mexico, it sounds like drug cartels kinda run the show!

Most Awesome says…
Q: If I buy a piece of land do I own it all the way to the center of the Earth or all the way to China?
A: Mr. Awesome, thank you for the very interesting, but more importantly, relevant question. The Earth has approximately 7 layers. The top layer is known as the crust. It is 40 kilometers deep. That is a about 25 miles. Now, crust might sound like a boring name of something that you cut off of your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but when it comes to earth layers, the crust is actually pretty cool. It is where all the grass and trees and cement and other cool stuff is. Even the deepest basements would not venture close to leaving the crust. Now, if you can manage to make it past there, you are welcome to anything below that as well, all the way to China! However, I wouldn't recommend trying to dig that far any more than I would recommend even buying a piece of land right now.
massive jellyfish swarm
There's nothing worse than going for a 25-mile swim with a swarm of jellyfish. Although, I guess it's better than a swarm of sharks.
peewee on harley
I don't really care where Peewee heads these days, as long as he is back.
beavis and butthead return
Why didn't anyone tell me this earth-shattering news when it came out last month? Ya big jerks!
drunk driver apology video
Listen, I don't know exactly what YouTube was invented for, or what it's best use is currently, but I am pretty sure this is not it.
reporter hit by soccer ball
Missed it the first time. Here's another 6-7 slow-motion replays. Don't worry, soccer players use their head all the time…how bad can it be?

Off we go to Mexico...the land where illegal immigrants are dealt with with a very very iron fist. You hear that, Sarah Palin?


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