August 25, 2010 - Stem Cell Re-JECTED!

stem cell funding appeal
A judge blocked President Obama's executive order from 2009 that expanded embryonic stem cell funding on Monday, in a ruling that stunned the National Institute of Health, and other proponents of stem cell research. The ruling will be appealed by the Feds, but the bad news is that promising research that could have lead to breakthroughs in diseases such as Parkinson's and diabetes may be put on hold for a little while. However, I'm sure stem cells and embryos across the country are celebrating tonight as they feel as though they are not adequately compensated for all that research performed on them.

stem cell RESEARCH?
Ladygoodwood asks…
Q: Why do dogs find the smell of Fox poo so wonderful? Almost every day, my 2 Jack Russells will find a dollop of Fox poo and ecstatically roll in it.
A: Ms. Goodwood, Jack Russell Terriers, as most anyone will tell you (and, I am sure you already know), are probably the world's most certifiably insane canines. Their favorite activities include running and jumping endlessly for hours, chasing anything that you happen to throw, and chasing small animals such as foxes, with the intent to kill (which they were originally bred to do.) So, when your friendly little buddies are on their morning walk, and smell the aforementioned substance that we find so dirty and foul-smelling, it's like a shark smelling blood. Their instincts tell them that a fox is close by, and they would do almost anything at that moment to taste some fox. It's also possible that dogs are just not super-smart.
lady puts cat in garbage
I wonder what the cat said to this lady to make her throw it in the garbage so suddenly.
crazy car crash
It was either this or a video of a shark attacking a seal. The only difference, the driver lives, the seal did not.
failed chest bump
Yo, dude, it's called a chest bump, not a shoulder-to-the-head-of-a-smaller-female bump.
ground zero mosque confrontation
This proves once and for all that the people that oppose the Ground Zero mosque aren't just ignorant, racist, sterotypers…no, wait, it proves the exact opposite.
justin bieber slowed down 800%
I'm pretty sure that this is what they play in heaven on the P.A. system of the waiting room. That's right, BIEBER!

You don't need to be a genius or some big-time scientist to understand stem cells. Although, I'm not sure if reading Stem Cells for Dummies would make you qualified to do the actual research.


  1. Well there you go! And here was me thinking they were using it as cologne! You are certainly right in your assessment of their energy levels - they are walked twice a day and run for miles. And as terriers, they are bred for 'killing' - though mine never have - well apart from the odd spider that they will relentlessly torment.
    However, British foxes are not little animals - they are great big things that do very big poos!

    I think this is a wonderful daily feature on your blog, I shall abandon all thoughts of Wikipedia and bookmark you as my font of all cool knowledge :)

  2. Poo is one of my least favorite words of all time, but I have to say, with a modifier like "dollop," it sounds much, much cuter. Well done, LGW. Also, I agree with Konway that dogs aren't super-smart... which, incidentally, happens to be precisely why I love them!


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