December 17, 2010 - WikiLeaks Gets WikiBail

julian assange free on bail
Really Short Story: The WikiLeaks guy made bail and may now continue being creepy-looking in public.
Short Story: You know that dude that's been all in the news lately, always looking creepily at the camera, like he knows something about you that he really shouldn't know…or perhaps that he's thinking something about you that he really shouldn't? Well, that's Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, and American public enemy #1 for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. government documents via his sketchy website. Well, he's also now a free man after a British court set his bail, allowing him to go about his business staring creepily at people and running his now even more controversial website.
eugene levy
December 17, 2010: eugene levy Day! - Jim's dad from American Pie
WHY?: Eugene Levy is a Canadian-born actor, and if the name doesn't sound familiar right off the bat, well, he's the guy who played the dad in all seven American Pie movies. (You read that right, there were seven American Pie movies, I guess…) Aside from that role, Levy, known for playing naive bufoons to perfection, has not done a whole lot that you may have heard of. However, if you are looking for more of Levy's greatest hits, I suggest you check out Best in Show or A Mighty Wind. Even if you don't like Levy, I still suggest you check these films out.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
jonah hill - The hottest fat young comedic actor since John Candy was young.
david cook - Former winner of American Idol, and current musician somewhere.
branch rickey - The white dude that finally decided that black dudes should play in the Major Leagues.
beer bottle band christmas
I don't get it, but maybe I'm just biased because I think my beer bottle band is better?
dmv transgender harrassment
Going to the DMV is bad enough before they start harrassing you about switching your name because you're transgender.
michael vicks new commercial
I guess even if you don't like Mike Vick, it might seem fitting that he makes his return to commercials in a local car dealership spot.
kardashian christmas card
This Christmas card cost more than than every Christmas present you will ever receive in your lifetime…combined.
40 year old virgin actor jailed
Can you guess which one? Noooooo, it's not Steve Carrell.

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  1. I just loved how the judge refused to suppress knowledge on where Julian Assange was staying, even announcing the address. Hey, it's freedom of information, people!!

    Going to see which 40 year old virgin guy is in jail. Please don't say it's Paul Rudd. I have crush on him!


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