December 16, 2010 - The Boy Who Was The Man of the Year

mark zuckerberg man of the year
Really Short Story: A smart young boy has won Time's Man of the Year.
Short Story: I don't know if you've heard of it, but Mark Zuckerberg has pretty much redefined "social networking" in the 21st century with his "Facebook" website, which he basically "invented" while at "Harvard" a few years back. Well, this year, all his hard work on redefining how our society communicates appears to have finally paid off as he was named Time's Person of the Year yesterday, during a year in which he probably saw his net worth continue to grow by the billion, an unauthorized biography film was made about his life, and he announced that he would be further redefining this whole social networking in the coming year. Of course, given how driven this young fella seems to be, I doubt he will be happy with winning just one Time Man of the Year award.
refrigerator perry
December 16, 2010: refrigerator perry Day! - They called him Refrigerator because he ate everything in it…not because he was known for keeping things cold.
WHY?: William "Bill" Perry (okay, that's not his real nickname…) was the most gigantic running back to ever play in the NFL. The only problem with this accomplishment? He only rushed the ball a handful of times, and, even though one of those times was in the Super Bowl, it was his touchdown that prevented NFL legend Walter Payton from scoring a Super Bowl touchdown. Of course, The Fridge was still enormously popular (pun intended) during his playing days, particularly in Chicago, if only for his huge frame and gap-toothed smile. He holds the record for largest ring size of a Super Bowl champion at size 25, but he hasn't done much since his football career ended in 1994, and even lost to Manute Bol, a man about 1/10 his weight, in a celebrity boxing match in 2002.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
eugene levy - One of the best at playing the total idiot.
chris matthews - He plays Hardball on CNBC, even if it's tame, liberal hardball.
richard jewell - This dead ringer for Paul Blart, Mall Cop, was accused, then cleared of bombing the Atlanta Olympics.
hs player attacks ref
Clearly, he thought the "not attacking the refs" rule only applied in the college level and above.
ubs new dress code
Swiss employees of the bank must now all dress like the girl from Swiss Miss…well, not exactly.
new york weather woman false accusations
This is why I never date meteorologists…well, this and the constant weather analysis.
philadelphia bans asian harrassment
How can you be called the City of Brotherly Love when you keep harrassing our Asian brothers?
marching band stick figure
How much cooler would marching bands be if they got rid of the stupid uniforms and just did stuff like this?

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  1. Who has the update on Refrigerator Perry's health? I think about him all the time.


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