December 15, 2010 - Yankees Fans Ready to Jump Off Cliff

cliff lee goes to philadelphia
Really Short Story: Money can't buy championships...but it can usually buy the players who win the championships.
Short Story: Eventually, this will probably go down as just another tragic story for an historically tortured Yankees organization (if you talk to Yankees fans.) For now, it means that all roads to the World Series title probably go through the City of Brotherly Love (if you talk to Phillies fans, and baseball experts.) That's because no matter how much money the Yankees seemed willing to throw at Cliff Lee, he was willing to "settle" for $120 million to return to Philadelphia, where he previously spent half a season, because he probably thought they had a better team. The Phillies certainly have a better pitching staff than the Yankees now, and I have to imagine that Lee was also probably turned off by the Yankees fans that harrassed his wife in the playoffs this fall, or by the team spending $17 mil a year to sign an over-the-hill 36 year-old shortstop.
don johnson
December 14, 2010: don johnson Day! - He redefined 1980's style, for better or for worse.
WHY?: Don Johnson's real name is Donnie Wayne Johnson, but you may now him better as Sonny Crockett from his role on Miami Vice. Either way, both are really cool names. Johnson's career will probably always be defined less by his role on Miami Vice, or any other show, and more by the clothing he wore on Miami Vice. If you ever attend an "80's Party," the chances of seeing a gentleman in a Sonny Crockett-influenced outfit are damn near 100%. Who hasn't wanted to wear an expensive white suit (sleeves rolled up) over a teal t-shirt at some point or another? Of course, if that's all you know about Johnson, you will miss the story about him dating/marrying? Melanie Griffith when she was just 14, or how he released a single called "Heartbreak" which hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 at one point, and that would be a damn shame.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
refrigerator perry - Nowadays, 300-pounders in the NFL aren't considered "refrigerators," but "average."
beethoven - Probably the best deaf musician of all-time.
benjamin bratt - A mediocre actor that once dated Julia Roberts.
will ferrell little drummer boy
Will Ferrell playing David Bowie. John C. Reilly playing Bing Crosby. What more must I tell you?
hugh jackman hurt on oprah
Apparently, Oprah is going out with a bang, trying to take out famous actors like Hugh Jackman.
hockey team sings mariah
Everyone knows the Irish are no good at hockey…probably because they spend so much time making these ridiculous videos.
tobacco firm gave kids free cigarettes
This was a surprise to me. I thought it was well known that tobacco firms gave kids cigarettes.
fifa comments on gays in qatar
So, the homosexual community doesn't approve of FIFA giving the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, then joking about their strict view on homosexuality.

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