December 14, 2010 - Protecting Your Right to Not Protect Your Health

judge rejects part of healthcare bill
Really Short Story: Obamacare is un-Constitutional…but forming a militia is still Constitutional!
Short Story: So, here's the deal. If you don't feel like buying health insurance, the Constitution of the United States says that is your God-given, or I'm sorry, Forefathers-given right as an American…or so said a judge in Virginia on Monday. I'm not really sure how this works, but I do expect that the people who exercise this right will continue to get in accidents or become sick and show up at hospitals, emergency rooms and doctors, expecting to be treated regardless of the likelihood of their payment. I also have to imagine it will continue to be illegal to drive an automobile without auto insurance, until the anti-auto insurance crowd gets wind of this decision, at least...
bill buckner
December 14, 2010: bill buckner Day! - No matter what anyone says, one moment can define a career…
WHY?: Listen, don't tell anyone, but Bill Buckner actually played 20 seasons of Major League baseball. He also racked up over 2,700 hits in this span. I tell you this because if you ask most casual baseball fans, they will probably only remember maybe one play from that lengthy career, and it had nothing to do with any one of his hits. Buckner is best remembered for letting a groundball roll through his legs in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, ultimately costing Boston the game and the Series, and their chance at breaking an almost 70 year title drought. Of course, the Red Sox have gone on to win two titles since then, but the permanent damage to Buckner's reputation was already done. So, my friends, when you think of Bill Buckner, just remember, no matter how much success and money you ever ever, you can throw all that away in one careless moment.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
don johnson - Redefined 1980's style with his role in Miami Vice.
jim leyland - Quite possibly one of the finest mustaches in baseball's storied history.
nero - The Roman emperor that oversaw the city's burning.
john boehner is a crier
Apparently your new Speaker of the House cries a lot. Not sure if it is related to his orange skin.
owner taunts baron davis
Baron Davis' boss likes to tell him that he is not good at his job…as he is doing said job.
flying snakes
Yes, apparently, there is such a thing as a flying snake, and we should all be very, very scared.
brett favre streak ends
The good news? You can finally commemorate the streak by buying a $500 autographed football.
constant earthquakes in arkansas
Aside from the fact that it is Arkansas, this provides another reason not to ever move to Arkansas.

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