December 13, 2010 - No Proof This Dome Is Snow Proof

metrodome collapses
Really Short Story: Did Brett Favre make the Metrodome collapse to extend his streak?
Short Story: Call me crazy, but I thought that the idea of domed stadiums is that they were supposed to protect the playing fields from the elements. How exactly is the Metrodome supposed to do that when it's roof can't even handle a little Minnesota snowstorm? Alright, maybe it's getting a little old, and maybe it was more than just a little snowstorm, and maybe the roof has always looked to me like it was made out of a giant plastic bag, but it's still kinda surprising to see another domed stadium fall at the hands of mother nature. Of course, now the Vikings will have to play their "home game" in Detroit, but it does mean that Brett Favre has an extra day of recovery in order to try to continue his streak of consecutive games, unless he needs more time and figures out a way to deflate Ford Field as well.
Ted Nugent
December 13, 2010: Ted Nugent Day! - Guns, rock n' roll & insanity.
WHY?: If you've heard of Ted Nugent, it's probably for one of two reasons: his music career, or his almost absurdly conservative political views. If you can name any of this Detroit-born rocker's music, you are a better music historian than I, because I was shocked to learn that he was in the band Damn Yankees, they of power ballad "High Enough" fame. His popular solo tracks include "Stranglehold" and "Cat Scratch Fever" and he has actually released 34 albums and sold over 30 million records, but for those of us who know the more modern Ted Nugent, we know of the government-hating, gun-loving, homosexual-questioning conservative, who has written several publications espousing his views, and condemming anyone who thinks animals have more rights than guns. Basically, he sounds kind of like Glenn Beck with a little more street cred and either slightly more or less mentally stable.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
vanessa hudgens - She was in one of the vampire movies with all the kids singing and dancing, I think.
bill buckner - He won the 1986 World Series for the Mets...when he was on the Red Sox.
patty duke - Won an Academy Award at 16 and played herself and her twin on a sitcom. Somewhat ironically, later discovered to have bipolar disorder
worst foods of 2010
If you can't eat healthy at IHOP these days, where can you?
coach trips nfl player during play
Surprisingly, it was a Steroids coach, or, I'm sorry, a "strength and conditioning" coach who tripped the player.
cowboys player gets vicks autograph
I'm not sure if Tashard Choice is a huge fan of Vick's or he just hates dogs.
don king arrested with ammo
Don King was arrested for carrying ammo in an airport. I can only hope it was hidden in his hair.
worst marriage proposals
Uh oh. If you're planning a scoreboard proposal sometime soon, it might be time to rethink what was once thought to be a sure thing.

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