June 23, 2010 - A McChrystal Clear Mistake

mcchrystal rolling stone comments
If you don't know who General Stanley McChrystal is, don't get too familiar, he won't be around much longer. President Obama's hand-picked leader in Afghanistan clearly thought none too highly of his superiors in Washington, and he let Rolling Stone magazine know just how he felt. Of course, the President can take criticism, but he has to be wondering where this guy is finding time to take music magazine interviews in between all that war stuff.
bachelor jake vienna breakup
Right on cue, Jake and Vienna, who are apparently the latest match from the hit reality show The Bachelor broke up after a 3-month engagement. So for all those people who had June 22 in the Bachelor breakup pool this season, contact your bookies and collect your winnings.
france soccer eliminated
Defending runners-up in the World Cup, and current leaders in the "acting like a bunch of 5th-grade girls" category, the French national soccer team finalized its early exit from this year's edition by losing to the host nation of South Africa, who still became the first host nation to not advance past the first round. So, for those that missed it, you can only imagine the passion with which that match was played.
drilling ban blocked
…and some oil news for those going through withdrawal. A judge in a federal court in Louisiana blocked President Obama's six-month ban on deep-water drilling projects, citing the need to get that oil because his Hummer doesn't run on peanuts, and he can't go back to $4 for a gallon of gas.
britain emergency budget
Some politician in Britain stood outside a house holding up a box containing massive spending cuts and tax increases for the country, which just goes to show you how polite those Brits really are. If someone would have had the audacity to do such a thing here in the States, there would have been a crowd of angry old white people waiting to scald that person with gallons of hot tea.

seinfeld hates lady gaga
"What's the deal with this Lady Gaga? I mean, those outfits aren't making me go gaga, they're making go crazy!"
tasteless oil spill ads
Trying to capitalize off a major environmental catastrophe is not exactly good taste. That doesn't mean it's not successful...
lamar odom rolls royce gift
Khloe Kardashian bought husband Lamar Odom a $400,000 Rolls Royce to celebrate his NBA championship. I'm sure they will be driving that thing for the next 80 years of what surely will be a long and happy marriage.
accident victim enjoys beer
If you're drinking and driving and get into an accident, just tell the cops that you drank all the beer waiting for the ambulance to arrive. You were self-medicating.
unicorns other white meat
Contrary to some recent claims, unicorn is not the other white meat. Everyone knows their meat isn't white.

Where have all the real generals gone? You know, the ones who didn't give intereviews to Rolling Stone degrading their commander-in-chief? The ones who had awesome nicknames like "Stormin' Norman." I guess we can still remember them through their memoirs...

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