June 22, 2010 - A Scare in Mr. Federer's Neighborhood

federer tough match wimbledon
Get out your all-white outfits. Not only can you follow the New Zealand soccer team, (yes, they are called the "all-whites" because of the uniforms…) but now you can feel like you are at Wimbledon. Fortunately, the tournament will go on with 48-time defending champ Roger Federer, who escaped a 5-set first round match after someone finally told him it was not a practice match.
times square bomb suspect guilty
Say what you will about terrorists, but at least you never have a hard time getting a confession out of them. The guy charged with the attempted Times Square bombing a couple months back pleaded guilty on all counts, and said he wished he could plead guilty 10,000 times. He was then informed he would still get exactly the same amount of virgins in terrorist heaven...but they would now all be dudes...not that there is anything wrong with that.
arizona wildfires
Some people are saying it's karma for that crazy immigration law. Of course, it probably has more to do with the insane desert climate, but either way, there are massive wildfires raging in Arizona right now.
french soccer turmoil
Yo, someone tell France that they didn't exactly have a reputation as the most fun-loving, friendly nation before this World Cup, and all the whining, moaning and in-fighting going on on their team now is probably not going to help the cause all that much. Of course, at least they aren't from North Korea, home to massive human rights violations, lovers of Kim Jong-il, and victims of a 7-0 defeat yesterday.
e-reader price war
If you are in the market for an "e-reader" such as the Amazon Kindle, or uh, well, I didn't know they had other ones, well, the prices are moving down to more reasonable prices of …wait, this can't be right, $189? You're telling me I have to pay $189 to be able to buy and read books?

7th graders find cave on mars
What started out as an experimental detention sending a bunch of 7th graders to Mars, ended up with what I suppose is an interesting discovery.
chris klein rehab
Okay, so, this one isn't about the story, so much as it is the fact that any one outside of friends and family is interested that someone like Chris Klein is going to rehab.
taco bell drive thru dui
Really, this one is Taco Bell's fault. You stay open until 2am or later and offer dirt-cheap Mexican food, and you think drunk people aren't going to swarm there in droves?
obama won't do wave
With all that insane Tea Party rhetoric, and all the GOP "NoBama-ing" going on, it's enough to make even the most diehard Dem momentarily rethink his decision to vote for young Barry. Then you see this article, and you just know you made the right choice.
ultimate fake soccer injury
There's not much else that needs to be said after that title. Nothing says soccer like a grown man completely faking a devastating facial injury.

Start your baby early on the path to fame with this Roger Federer onesie. After another 15-20 years of intense 6am-6pm practices, the cash will just start rolling in...followed by the restraining orders.

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