June 21, 2010 - Graeme Wants S'more!

graeme mcdowell us open
Hey buddy, this was supposed to be Tiger's big day, or Phil's, or hell, even some guy named Dustin Johnson's. Guys from Northern Ireland aren't supposed to win the United States Open on Father's Day. That's reserved for Americans trained from an extremely young age by drill sergeant fathers looking for a payday. Irish guys are supposed to just stay in the pub, play some links golf every now and then, and maybe drink a few Guinness...but, you gotta love that accent, so we'll let it slide this time.
new zealand ties italy
I watched the start of this game on ESPN, and it opened with the awesome British announcer saying "This is a game that New Zealand can't win…right?" Well, they didn't win, but the longest shot in the field did tie the defending World Cup champions, and earned its 2nd point in the tournament. Of course, this just means that even the craziest Cinderella stories can become a little more anti-climactic with all these ties in soccer...although, I suppose there is no more fitting outcome on Father's Day than a tie, right?
china unchains yuan
China Presents: The Yuan, Unchained! Live in Concert from Shanghai! Alright, alright, calm down, it's not going down exactly like that, but the Chinese have decided to make their currency more flexible by "unchaining" it from the US dollar after nearly 2 years, and letting it fluctuate with the markets. Apparently, they have not been paying even the slightest attention to what's been going on out there in the economy the past 2 years.
gaza blockade to be eased
Seeing as most of the world generally seems to disapprove of Israel's blockade of the Gaza strip that leads to what some might consider rather inhumane living conditions for the Palestinians occupying the region, it's probably not a bad idea to ease the blockade a little. Given that the rest of the world really hated what they did to that flotilla a couple weeks ago, they really had no choice. You mess with the flotilla, you get...uh, the horns?
father's day
Yes, it was indeed a big day for guys like former NFL star Travis Henry and about half of everyone who has ever appeared on a paternity test edition of the Maury Povich show yesterday, as people across the world celebrated Father's Day. However, it was just a really awkward day for people like Melissa Etheridge and other lesbian parents.

french soccer players revolt
Typical French nonsense going on with the country's World Cup squad. Just guessing, but I assume this would be a ,much different situation if this year's team was any good to begin with.
florida marlins vuvuzuelas
Vuvuzuelas + soccer = a mediocre idea at best. Vuvuzuelas + baseball + half-empty stadium = not a good idea at all.
anti-rape condom with teeth
This actually sounds like a great idea to me…as long as it doesn't get in the hands of a woman scorned. Hell hath no fury…
lady gaga yankees
Lady Gaga has caused trouble at her second baseball game at her second baseball stadium in New York within a one month period, which is impressive, because you really gotta act like a total idiot to stand out in New York.
canada economy envy
Apparently, there are now three things that Canada does well: maple syrup, hockey, and economics. Look out…

Teddy Grahams...shockingly, they still exist. Although, I can't promise you that this isn't a vintage box from the early 1990's. Buyer BEWARE!

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