June 19-20, 2010 - Weekend Knowledge: Fresh for Dad

cost of raising kids
Do you know how much it costs to properly raise a child? I didn't think so. Happy Father's Day!
annoying restaurant habits
I'm still waiting for the day when all human waitstaff is replaced by robots.
rasheed wallace refs confrontation
Rasheed Wallace might be at the end of his long NBA career, and I'm sure he wanted to ask these refs how they got their jobs, and where he could apply.
$20,000 in pringles can smuggled
I know some people who would open up a can of pringles, find $20,000, and be disappointed.
top political gaffes of 2010
Really, making gaffes is a huge part of politics, so I guess if you are on this list, you are one hell of a politician.
golden state warriors new logo
Instantly hailed as one of the top 5 logos in the league by one blogger, this logo should do little to make the Warriors a top 25 team in the league, unfortunately.
albert haynesworth teammates hate him
He makes $100 million, doesn't come to practice, and once stomped on a guy's face with cleats on. What's not to like?
japanese twitter huge hit
Unsurprisingly, Twitter is a hit in Japan, where they call it "mumbling." Still not as popular as karaoke, though.
political fathers day cards
These cards are not real, but that sure would be humorous if they were.
common phobias
I'm not afraid of much...except for everything mentioned in this article. Read it...if you dare.

Still looking for that perfect gift for Dad? Well, it doesn't exist, so just go with that t-shirt that he'll wear for a few minutes, then you'll never see again!

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