June 18, 2010 - Ko-Be'in All They Can Be

lakers nba champion
As I'm sure many expected, the Lakers held homecourt advantage in the final 2 games of the NBA Finals, and repeated as NBA champions by prevailing in what I am sure is one of the ugliest game 7's of any playoff series ever played. Of course, low-scoring doesn't necessarily mean uninteresting, otherwise how could soccer be the most popular sport in the world?
mexico beats france
It was a nightmare matchup for the Tea Party here in the U.S., but considering our relatively large Mexican population and the widespread disdain for most things French that don't involve toast, kisses or fries, Americans have to be pretty excited with yesterday's big upset in South Africa, as Mexico dominated the French 2-0 to move dangerously close to advancing to Round 2. France had little to say, but blamed the loss on "le ball."
bp shakedown
While most Congressman bombarded BP's CEO with questions, criticism and other anger-fueled rhetoric yesterday, one Republican representative from Texas felt that there was only one way to address the man in charge of the company spilling all that oil into our oceans and ruining American livelihoods in exchange for a multi-multi-million dollar bonus: with an apology. It really just reminds you how easy it is to get elected to the House of Representatives these days.
spending bill roadblocks
Wait, what's this, there's other stuff going on in Washington still? No, no, hold on, it's business as usual, as Republicans thwarted another Democrat attempt at spending and tax bills. It's good to know that even when we don't hear about it 100 times a day, it's still going on.
utah firing squad execution
Despite a last-minute appeal, the state of Utah executed a convicted killer last evening just after midnight by firing squad. Apparently, since the people he killed were not awarded any type of appeal, the courts and the governor of Utah didn't think this guy should get one either.

religious fanatics kill soccer dad
Maybe if this family had been able to watch their religious program, they would have realized that it was not a good idea to kill their own father with their bare hands? Oh, cruel, cruel irony.
fired for being too hot update
Cleary, the only reason she was fired was for being too good-looking. She seems almost as sane as that Octo-mom lady.
bros icing bros deleted
Feel free to continue icing your bros, but do so knowing that there will no longer be a central website to go online and share your experiences.
south carolina mystery candidate
So, who exactly is this mystery candidate for the Democratic party seeking election to the US Senate in South Carolina? Well, if I knew, it wouldn't be much of a mystery, would it?
man captures alligator in parking lot
I know, I know, sounds cool, but the alligator was like a midget alligator. I've caught alligators bigger than that with a blindfold on…the alligator had the blindfold on, not me.

Come on, man! I'm sure everyone and their brother has a Kobe Bryant jersey these days. Be an original...be the first person ever to buy a Pau Gasol jersey.

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