June 24, 2010 - A Match For (the) Ages!

longest tennis match ever
Are you ready for some FUTBOL?!?! Well, not quite yet. It seems the only thing that could possibly upstage the Americans finally making a little noise in the world's most popular sport is an American and a Frenchman playing in a ridiculously long tennis match in England. I mean, really really ridiculously, record-settingly, absurdly lengthy tennis match. The only thing worse than playing in this match is probably sitting there watching it all day. British chiropractors are gonna be busy...
usa advances in world cup
Now, on to that oh-so-popular sport that the rest of the world seems to love so much. Maybe it will finally start catching on in America following on the heels of a dramatic match against Algeria highlighted by Landon Donovan finally putting home the go-ahead goal in injury time to advance the Americans to the 2nd round of this crazy tournament known as the World Cup...well, until the tournament is over and the NFL heads to training camp again.
droid x launched
The highly-anticipated iPhone 4 received its first reviews yesterday, and came across very positively, so positively that it may well be the only phone that anyone ever buys ever again…wait, wait, no, hold on, breaking news. It turns out that Google has released its newest Droid phone, the Droid X! There will be a new Android operating system to follow soon afterwards, and, wait, wait...no, they lost me with even more stuff that I don't really understand or care all that much about.
more oil leaking
An underwater robot crashed into the cap "containing" that huge oil spill in the Gulf yesterday, causing the amount of oil gushing into the ocean to jump by thousands of barrels! In response, BP officials said that maybe it's robots who planned and started this whole oil spill thing from the very beginning...which, if you think about it, isn't all that far-fetched. It was either robots or crazy dolphins...or worst-case: crazy robot dolphins!
petraeus replaces mcchrystal
As widely anticipated, if you are the lead commander in a major war for the world's pre-eminent superpower, you cannot give interviews to that country's leading music magazine defaming each and every one of your superiors, and expect to keep your job. So, if that was the point General Stanley McChrystal was trying to prove, then mission accomplished.

japan baby robot
Believe it or not, this robot baby is supposed to encourage people to have kids. It just encourages me to very scared of robot babies
marlin contest without license
How many times have you been told? If you enter a marlin-fishing contest, don't forget to purchase the proper license first!
lady from famous photo dies
Have you ever seen the picture of the soldier kissing the nurse in Times Square at the news of Victory in Japan Day at the end of World War II? Well, even if you think you haven't, you probably have…and the lady in the picture just died.
huge unfinished mansion on market
If you happen to be in the market for a $75 million house…well, an unfinished $75 million house in the same neighborhood as Tiger Woods (or Tiger Woods' family?), well, we have great news.
narco rappers
If you are into rap music, but feel that it's not hardcore enough, or maybe not Mexican enough for your tastes, then you really need to check this article out.

Matches are great...indoors, but they can often be useless against the forces of nature. So get yourself one of these famous Austrian windproof lighters. I'm not sure how it works, or if it's legal in your country, but that's not the point!

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