June 25, 2010 - The Rookie Wall!

john wall nba top pick
Another NBA draft, another John Calipari one-year wonder heads the class of incoming rookies. This year, it was the dynamic point guard John Wall, known for his extraordinary athleticism as much as his signature dance moves. He will take his game to DC where he can learn "crazy" from new buddy Gilbert Arenas.
lowest mortgage rates
Mortgage rates are at their lowest point since the 1950's, which is essentially before subdivisions and mini-malls existed, and the American dream of owning your own home required far more than the somewhat less stringent standards of recent times, which only required you have a pulse...well, in most cases, that was a requirement.
isner wins tennis match
The marathon match finally ended on day 3, 11 hours into the match, at a score of 70-68 in the 5th set, as John Isner finally broke the little Frenchman's serve, and won what was certainly one of the simultaneously most boring and memorable sporting events of all time. Now, for most people, 11 hours of work in 3 days sounds like a vacation, but I guess tennis is probably a lot harder than it looks on TV.
italy out of world cup
First, the defending runners up bowed out of the tournament in disgraceful fashion, and now the defening champs are out of the World Cup. With France and Italy out of the running, the tournament is wide open for some fresh blood to take home that funny-looking little trophy. The way the refs have called things recently, only the Americans seem to have little chance at the title.
iphone first day sales
The iPhone 4 hit stores yesterday, and, guess what, it experienced tremendous sales results! It is expected that Apple will announce the release of the iPhone 4.1 tomorrow, which will be the same as the iPhone 4, but with a .1 at the end, and no one will ever remember the iPhone 4 ever even existed.

michael jackson death anniversary
So maybe for some this is still BIG news, but it did happen one year ago. Still, don't be surprised to see people in full Michael Jackson getup roaming the streets tomorrow. You've been warned!
kindergarten graduation brawl
Kids these days can't seem to stay out of trouble. Of course, they are little angels compared to their parents.
mariah carey deadbeat vet
Not only does Mariah Carey owe her vet $30,000…but she somehow managed to rack up all those bills in a single month. Nick Cannon has got to be wild'n out about this.
couple tries to sell baby
Raising a kid is tough, just watch that show 16 and Pregnant or check this story, about the couple that tried to sell their baby for $25 outside a Walmart.
horse boy mystery
I could sit here and go on and on about "horse boy," but I know very little about this mysterious creature spotted on Google Maps streetview in Scotland recently.

Some rap group you have never heard of made a rap song called "Do The John Wall." I guess it's better to try to profit off the name of a 19 year-old basketball phenom than to just go on forever making horrible music that no one will listen to.

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