June 26-27, 2010 - FRESH Knowledge - First Weekend of Summer

roland martin on us soccer fever
Roland Martin says that soccer will never catch on in America, which may be true...but take this with a grain of salt, Martin also believes the ascot is making a comeback.
former nfl qb files bankruptcy
Mark Brunell made $52 million playing in the NFL, which is almost as impressive as how fast he lost all that money.
family obesity surgery
If you are obese enough to consider weight loss surgery, you probably have a family member or two who could also use the surgery, which is good, because it works better when you do it as a family.
cat prosthetic paws
I try not to mess around with cats too much...I just don't trust them. So you can imagine how I feel about a cat with two Terminator-looking prosthetic paws roaming around out there.
new porn domain
Porn websites will now have their own domain, .xxx. This, of course will instantly take over from .com as the most popular domain on the internet.

crimeline refuses reward
Most of this story is unimportant, except for the part about that disheveled homeless man getting caught making over 50 bomb threats within earshot of a guy walking his dog.
airline makes girls throw away turtle
Everyone knows you can't bring a turtle on the plane, and if you do, they will throw you off unless you throw the turtle in the garbage...even if you are a little girl. That's not common knowledge?
cross dressing jamaican gangsters
While this sounds like a hot new musical artist that might open for Lady Gaga, it's just a story about Jamaican gangsters cross-dressing to look like really ugly women.
iran's blogfather trial
Some guy in Iran got arrested and charged with popularizing blogging over there. They even call him the "blogfather." Although, I'm sure Iran didn't actually come up with that nickname.
china rent a white guy
Apparently, in China, you can make $1,000 a week just by being a white guy wearing a suit. I think they actually do that a lot in the U.S. too, though.

Who knows if soccer will ever catch on here the way it has in most of the world, but like the prospect of robots one day taking over the world, it's probably better to be prepared if and when that time does come.

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