August 6, 2010 - Elena Kagan and the Supremes!

elena kagan confirmed
The Senate confirmed the nomination of the first ever softball-slugging quasi-lesbian Supreme Court Justice in Elena Kagan yesterday. With the confirmation, the Supreme Court will now be 1/3 women and 2/3 really old white dudes, although Clarence Thomas is still technically African-American.
blackberry torch
Move over iPhone and Droid! The first reviews are in on Blackberry's newest smartphone, known as the Torch, and as expected, everyone thinks the name is pretty cool. As for the rest of the phone, well, the jury is still out as the phone's manufacturer Research in Motion plays catchup with Apple and Google phones, but this article thinks this brings Blackberry into the 21st century...which started 10 years I guess that's a start?
bp cements well
For all those haters out there that said that BP was just another greedy, irresponsible corporation guilty of spilling millions of gallons of oil into our oceans, well, after they dumped a bunch of cement and mud into the damaged well yesterday, it appears the well is now sealed for good...for a while, at least. So, BP's marketing and public relations team would like to remind you that BP is the corporation solely responsible for STOPPING the biggest oil leak in history.
rick pitino extortion verdict
College basketball coaches generally seem like such standup guys (aside from all the questionable recruiting tactics and exploitation of teenage kids to make millions) so it's really a shame to see when an honorable gentleman like Rick Pitino has sex multiple times all over time with some random woman while married to another woman, only to have that woman try to blackmail him for millions of dollars later. Don't worry, though, fans, justice was served yesterday, and this woman will probably think long and hard before exploiting John Calipari.
google wave cancelled
If you are like me, you are easily influenced by the latest trends, so you may have signed up for Google Wave with a blind faith that it would eventually revolutionize the way we communicated. So, it was with a tear in my eye that I bring you the news that the service will be cancelled at the end of the year. I guess it would be a lot sadder if anyone ever actually used it.

muppets bohemian rhapsody
This freaks me out a little, but it gets significant bonus points for singing chickens.

awkward family pet photos
You thought awkward family photos were, well, uh, awkward?
greatest film never released
I'm not really sure how you rank films that were never released, but supposedly this is one of greatest ever.
brett favre sends pics to chick
I know, I don't really care about a Brett Favre story that doesn't involve retirement, but you still might consider this a little interesting.
post office earnings report
Wait, do we still call them earnings if you are losing billions of dollars?

There's a DVD on Elena Kagan's nomination for Supreme Court justice. It costs $24.95. If you are willing to spend that much money on something like that, please let me know, and I will see if there aren't a few other things I can sell you.

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