August 5, 2010 - California Marriage, Now Also in Gay!

prop 8 overturned
Gays, lesbians and all their friends in California are celebrating like the movie Milk has just been re-released into theaters, as a judge overturned Proposition 8 in the state yesterday, which had banned gay marriages in California. Now, for the bad news...are you sure you guys really want marriage? You know something like half of all marriages end up in divorce these days? If you're one of those dudes who keeps putting it off and isn't really sure about the whole thing, you now have one less excuse.
obama birthday
Well, as BP's big, long-awaited birthday surprise to Barack Obama, they decided to start sealing up that busted well in the Gulf Coast. That's right, yesterday was Barack Obama's birthday. The big fella turned 49, and spent the entire day working, in various meetings, along with being ridiculed, mocked and generally disapproved of by a large segment of the general public. Which brings us to today's lesson: if you can be anything you want to be...why would you ever want to be President of the United States?
ahmadinejad assanation attempt rumors
Supposedly, yesterday, as Iranian President Ahmadinejad was heading across the country to tout his controversial nuclear program that all his citizens are essentially forced to publicly support anyways, someone threw a homemade bomb in his direction, which exploded, causing minor injuries to various people but leaving the President unscathed. Although, if you ask Iranian officials what happened, it was just a firecracker meant to show support for the President.
a-rod 600th home run
Well, it was a long wait, but it looks like all the hard work (and maybe a few performance-enhancing drugs along the way) has finally paid off for Alex Rodriguez, who became the youngest player in history to hit 600 home runs. If he stays on this pace for just a few more years, he should be able to pass Barry Bonds as the most prolific steroid-enhanced (alleged, I should say) home run hitter of all time.
pakistan flooding
If you haven't heard, not everything that happens in Pakistan has to be related to terrorism or Al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, the latest news story out of the country might not be much better, as torrential rains followed by flooding has left over 1500 people dead, and over 3 million effected. So, there you go, proof that Pakistan isn't all, well, they aren't all, well, let's be honest, that place doesn't sound like a ton of fun right now.

bizarre animals
I don't know about you, but the first animal freaked me out enough that I couldn't look at the rest, but I'm sure they are bizarre too.
paul rudd pre-fame
If I had to do something like this in order to find fame or success, well, regular life might not be so bad.
fox news photo mixup
To be fair, you know Greta van Sustren's initial reaction was probably something along the lines of "well, they all look the same," so, good for her for showing some restraint.
basil marceaux returns
At some point, all other candidates will drop out of the governor's race in Tennessee, because Basil Marceaux appears to be unbeatable.

reporter destroys ice sculpture
Hell hath no fury like an ice sculptor who's sculpture has just been smashed during a live television interview.
We can sit here and argue about the pros and cons of gay marriage all day long, but the bottom line is, maybe everyone would take marriage a lot more seriously if we outlawed both straight and gay divorce?

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