September 25-26, 2010 - weekend HALLOWEEN/ILLUSTRATION festival

This week we bring you two sections of reader input. First, we asked readers to select their favorite halloween costume ideas this year. Here are your top 6:
alternativeidentity says...
A: a religious nut
Mr. Peanut holding a bible. Pure genius.

RicoSwaff says...
A: the hamburglar
All I know is that if the Hamburglar costume doesn't work out, I think you can fall back on a Grimace outfit.

Deray28 says...
A: a border patrol agent
This should be a hot costume idea this year...even better would be a costume of an illegal immigrant disguised as a border patrol agent.

melindaville says...
A: fries and ketchup
Just make sure you go home before midnight. Wearing this around a bunch of hungry, drunk people late night might not be the smartest move.

legbamel says...
A: sexy broccoli
Girls usually go for something simple like a sexy nurse, or a sexy cop, or a sexy Harry Potter or something like that, but really, what's more sexy to a man than a girl who dresses sexy and promotes healthy eating at the same time?

Hankmann says...
A: a dog dressed as a dog being bitten by an alligator
Why should people get to have all the fun? Maybe your dog wants to trick people into thinking he is being mauled by an alligator

best costume
Next, we had readers produce an illustration on the theme of "Water Cooler, The." Here were the 4 outstanding submissions.
sothos says...

deriver69 says...

Ladygoodwood says...

msyana says...

Can't draw? Eh, me either really. Well, let's both buy this book, a pad of paper, a box of crayons, come back in a year and see what we've got.


  1. Darn I missed it! =(
    Cool submissions you guys.

  2. msyana, that illustration is both adorable and refreshing! deriver69, compelling portrait, it's so a friendly sort of way.

  3. Yayyy I made the list! jajajaja


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