September 24, 2010 - President Ahmadinehuhhhh????

ahmedinajed speaks at un assembly
Give Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad one thing, he grows one hell of a beard. Also, when it comes to sitting in a position of power and making absurdly outrageous claims, it doesn't appear that anyone can top him at the moment. I mean, he makes Glenn Beck seem like a pretty reasonable dude, and that is saying quite a bit. (Although, when I think about it, some of his rhetoric doesn't seem that far off from Beck's...but anyway.) Ahmadinejad upheld the status quo on Thursday evening by making statements that the United States government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks in order to save its faltering economy and re-establish its position of world dominance. This lead to 33 delegates walking out in the middle of his remarks, which seems kinda like going to a porn theater, and walking out when the actors start taking off clothing.

BusinessLife asks…
Q: Is there any value in online dating? If not, why and provide examples. If yes, why and provide examples.
A: If you are looking for "value" in dating, then you are probably not going to find it. Dating of any kind should probably not be treated like a business exercise meant to extract or produce something of value. Dating, online or otherwise, is a part of our life that we choose to engage in mostly because our instincts tell us to seek companionship, and because we are under the impression that it might just bring us meaning or joy (or occassionally something less, uh, emotionally significant?) However, the reality is that most of our dating experiences are going to fail to bring us whatever it is that we are ultimately looking for, so if one chooses to take a shot at the online version of the game, I think they will find that their odds of success are exactly the same as they are in any other attempt, if not greater. So, without providing any examples, yes, I think for certain people, online dating can be a valuable experience.
harlem church tourists
Harlem church services as tourist attractions. In a way, it seems both disrespectful and awesome at the same time.
spencer shaves weird looking beard
Easily the scariest video you will watch all week…maybe all year.
great high school qb scramble
I guess the title of this one could also be "horrible high school defense."
katy perry pulled from sesame street
Apparently, some parents believe it's okay to breastfeed in public, but not to dress like Katy Perry in public. I'm cool with either one.
mcdonalds sandwich lawsuit settled
Most people would be simply amazed when their chicken sandwich exploded with hot grease. This guy got litigious.

President Ahmadinejad probably won't enjoy this DVD collection about 9/11, but now you can forever remember the day that you will never forget. In fact, you can remember it even better.

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