August 12, 2010 - Quitters Sometimes Win

steven slater becomes famous
It's Day 3 of the Jet Blue flight attendant story, and for some reason, the story seems to be hitting home with many people across the world, and the legend of the man formerly known as Steven Slater continues to grow. While JetBlue posted their "leave us out of this" response on the website, I imagine the next person to find is the woman who caused Steven Slater to hate his job so much that he activated the rarely-used escape chute in order to quit. You also have to wonder if Mr. Slater was aware of how bad this job market is.
pga championship whistling straits
Tomorrow kicks off the last (and arguably the least) major championship of the year for the PGA at Whistling Straits on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and all the talk going into the tournament is about some guy who finished almost dead last in last week's tournament. This Tiger Woods story is really starting to get a little sad actually, especially when you consider Corey Pavin said he is not even a lock to make the US Ryder Cup team even if he wants to. So, why can't we seem to look away?
hp ceo firing backlash
Remember that story from this weekend about HP firing it's CEO for sexual harrassment charges? Well, if you do, you are not alone, as a lot of people are finally now just thinking to themselves, "Hey, wait a second, you just fired your highly successful CEO at the first sign of trouble, while BP took months to fire a CEO for spilling millions of gallons of oil into the ocean?" Then you think to yourself, "If I ever start a company, it's not gonna have a 2 letter acronym ending with the letter P."
isiah thomas knicks contract
The New York Knicks, with their once-respectable empire in ruins, due in large part to the reign of terror of Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, shocked a lot of people when they made the decision to rehire Thomas last week as a consultant. However, Thomas has changed his mind about taking the job after it became clear that well, his contract was not legal, since he has another job coaching a collegiate basketball team. So, just consider this the luckiest break in Knicks history since Michael Jordan retired.
stocks take a hit
As anticipated, a day after the Fed promised to help speed up the economic recovery, stocks took a significant hit on Wall Street yesterday, as many sold off their stocks when they were told that the economic recovery was not moving as fast as it was supposed to be. The good news is that these people can now use all that money from their unemployment checks for more reasonable items like food instead of stock speculation.

double rainbow all the way
Okay, this isn't the freshest news out there, but check out this and the Double Rainbow song, and tell me your day doesn't get instantly better.
jackie evancho singing sensation
Could this girl be the next Susan Boyle? Maybe, not as cute, though, right?
cathy comic cartoon to end
If you consider the end of the run of the Cathy cartoon to be bad news, I have a feeling you and I might not share many interests.
tosh is new king of comedy
Move over Jon Stewart, and hand your crown over to this guy, named Tosh.0?
sperm donor siblings
Does anyone else find this whole concept just a little creepy, or weird, or something? I need to watch that double rainbow video again.

It appears to be a kids game called "Let's Play Flight Attendant," which, I can only assume, does not include the option to berate passengers, grab a beer and escape down the emergency chute. Maybe in the sequel?

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