Konway East-Approved Blogs, Edition 1.0, 8/13/2010

The following blogs have been rigorously tested, and have met the high standards needed to receive the Konway East stamp of approval. Mr. East highly recommends that you check out the following blogs if, for some reason, you feel the need to navigate away from Water Cooler, The at any time.
Cooking for Assholes

I know what you're thinking..."Hey, I'm an asshole, and I'd love to learn how to cook!" Well, even if you aren't thinking that, you should read this cooking blog. It's explained in terms that most of us can understand...plus Tony Bourdain reads it.

Lifting Me Up

The author, Ms. Antonia Blanca tells stories of her life with her two kids (both named after Mr. Peanut) while using her excellent photography to compliment the stories. It can be quite a feat to tell stories about your kids in a manner that is entertaining to others, and she manages to do just that.

The RicoSwaff Blog: The Chronicles of Rico

This one is easily summed up as such: the misadventures of a grown man in Iowa as told with the help of his alter ego, who happens to be from a trailer park of some sort and sports a killer mullet. If that doesn't sell you on this one, I don't know what will.


If you are like me, you know nothing is better than a good mugshot. So, what happens when you get a blog full of the world's best mugshots: FreakSmack.com. Is this blog gonna make me have to smack a freak?

Under My Fitted

This one is new on the scene, but this Cowboys fan living in Philly has already paid tribute to Joey Greco and hemo-sexuals (I'm not going to explain that for you) so, you have to wonder where he will go next...

A Look Inside a Creative Mind

I try to draw on my site, but this creative mind can actually draw, and she does so on her blog. She's so good at drawing, that reading her blog almost convinced me to get a tattoo of a unicorn on my shoulder...almost.

Agapi Studios 1111

I can use the Paint program on my computer with the best of them, but I can't paint and I can't tell you about painting or painters. Ms. Agapi Studios can, and she does it in her own unique style.

The Writeaholic's Blog

Who tells a story better than a Canadian with bright blue dyed hair? Honestly, I'm not sure. I guess if you are going to be a writeaholic, it helps if you can actually write, and this young lady can.
Free Your Giggle [DORMANT - 10/12/2010]

A man chronicles his everyday life with his husband and a couple of boxers (dogs, not fighters) in the beautiful city of Columbus, OH, all while wearing a large pink hat. Basically, it's well-written and pleasantly (almost) over the top.

The Date Experiment [DORMANT - 10/12/2010]

Dating...as Vince Vaughn would tell you, sometimes it's better to read about other people doing it than to actually engage in such activity yourself. This blog certainly proves that...

The following narrowly missed the cut this time, but deserve to be mentioned with honor...
We Took The Bait


  1. Awesome! I really like the little descriptions you whip up! ;)

  2. Very cool list! And yes, I also like the little descriptions you added ^_^.

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  3. Very nice :). Thank you.

    My blog is in ~great~ company.

    I like "[almost] over the top". I'll have to work on that :).

  4. Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave and his family drift from various abandoned sheds and horse trailers in Iowa. There aint no way in hell he could afford lot fees in a trailer park. :)

    The one liners are priceless.

    Also, thank you for including mine.

  5. Very deserving list! I hope to make the cut next time around. If there is a next time. lol

  6. Keep up the good work guys...or else!


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