December 24-27, 2010 - fresh CHRISTMAS weekend WTF knowledge!

the original-recipe hipster
This is exactly the type of hipster that originally inspired me to say WTF?!

the new business casual
Is it business? Is it casual? Is he going to exercise? Or is it some combination of all three?

the narcoleptic biker
When I saw this dude sprawled out in the park as if he had just suffered a narcoleptic attack while riding his bike, I had a serious "WTF?!" moment.

the christ baseball fan
Still not clear whether this guy likes baseball, or he's just so religious that the only jersey he would ever wear had to have the name "Christ" on the front.

the gloomy hipster
Some people want the world to know how dark and mysterious they are...this guy went the extra mile by wearing those ridiculous boots to prove his point.

the violin-face
One-man band of some sort, or just a dude with a violin glued to his face?

the urban cowgirl
I get a strange feeling that this urban cowgirl outfit is actually just a really awkward attempt at a disguise.

the denim trenchcoat
If you're going to wear a denim trenchcoat, why not do it on a day when you're not wearing jeans?

the fur coat man
Seriously, dude, WTF are you wearing?

the turkey
I don't know about you, but I feel extremely uncomfortable in the presence of a live turkey.

the WTF of the YEAR!

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  1. 3,4 & 5 seem to go together in my mind. The narcoleptic biker looks like a modern Christ figure, nailed to the grass. #4 is one of his disciples relaying the good/bad news to fellow-followers. And #5 is the contemporary Judas who betrayed him.


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