December 23, 2010 - Lame Ducks Take Flight

lame duck bipartisanship
Really Short Story: President Obama finally kicks off his Presidency after 2 years.
Short Story: Just when you thought that President Obama would never ever get anything done ever again, particularly with his lame duck Congress set to be overrun by a bunch of conservative-leaning GOPers, the guy all of the sudden seemingly gets more done in one week than he had in the entire Presidency up to this point. First he reached a tax deal compromise with the Repunlicans, then he finally repealed the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, and then he finalized the START treaty, which had been left for dead by many. It just goes to show you how much Congress can get done when a lot of the members suddenly have nothing left to lose.
corey haim
December 23, 2010: corey haim Day! - The slightly more tragic half of the boys known as The Coreys.
WHY?: This is a rather bittersweet tribute, considering the once-full of great potential child star died earlier this year from a drug overdose. Haim was, of course, primarily known for his work in 1980's films alongside another child actor named Corey: Corey Feldman. Together, the Coreys seemed destined for long careers after films such as The Lost Boys and thousands of covers on magazines with the word "Teen" or "Bop" in them, but like many other potential stars of the era, their careers were derailed by drug addictions. Unfortunately for Haim, his problem continued to become much more serious until the only roles he could land were a string of direct-to-video movies, and his tragic demise this year came after reportedly acquiring 553 different pain medications in the month just prior to his death.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
denzel washington - Probably the most famous guy named Denzel...and the only one with an Academy Award.
adam vinatieri - I guess he's kinda like the anti-Scott Norwood or the anti-Ray Finkel.
john legend - The man, the myth, the R&B singer, the John Legend.
man throws waffles at hockey game
Just remember folks, when attending your favorite hockey team's games, don't let go of that Eggo!
ny jets wife foot fetish rumors
How does a foot fetish even make the news? Didn't Marv Albert bite a prostitute, and no one even mentions that any more.
kid gets books for christmas
"Oh, hahaha, look at our kid, the spoiled little brat! Let's share this with the world!"
unusual wedding story
Two married people falling in love with each other while married to other people might make a good movie, but a not-so-charming wedding story for the newspaper.
wikileaks task force: wtf
OMG, the CIA is all like WTF about WikiLeaks.

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