December 22, 2010 - America Counts...

2010 census results
Really Short Story: Apparently, people in the U.S. are not reproducing or dying as rapidly as they previously had.
Short Story: 308 million. That is your new answer when asked about the current population of the United States, at least according to the 2010 Census report which was released yesterday. It means that the population of our country has grown 9.7% over the past decade, which may sound like a lot at first, until you realize that it is the slowest growth rate since the 1930's. Of course, I am not sure that's entirely a bad thing, because it's not like we need more people being born into unemployed families, or into Sarah Palin-supporting families.
diane sawyer
December 22, 2010: diane sawyer Day! - Not just another pretty girl named Lila...
WHY?: Her real name is Lila Diane Sawyer, but I suppose she made a smart call when she decided no one would take a pretty girl grom Kentucky seriously if she had a silly name like Lila Sawyer. Of course, she chose to go by Diane, and as a result, she has gone on to become one of the most powerful and well-respected women in the world while hosting shows such as Primetime, 20/20, Good Morning America, and now ABC World News. She is married, but has no children, and I assume this is because she is one of those women that put her career ahead of raising a family, and it paid off to the tune of an estimated $12 million in 2005. So, for those of you that always had hopes that Diane would father a son and name him Tom Sawyer, I'm sorry to tell you that that is probably never going to happen...

TOMORROW'S contenders:
hanley ramirez - wc,t's personal favorite baseball player.
corey haim - One of wc't's top two favorite childhood actors from the 1980's named Corey.
eddie vedder - Lead singer/mumbler for the band Pearl Jam.
pumpkin bathtub
I am trying to decide which part of this photograph I find the most disturbing. Any suggestions?
don't ask don't tell repealed
I feel like this policy has been repealed and appealed so many times...but supposedly this time it's for real.
a social network christmas
What if Facebook was invented back in 1 BC? Take a look...
speed bump!
The people on the bus go UP and DOWN! Up and down!
spiderman stunt double fall
What good is it being Spiderman if you can't stick to cielings?

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