December 21, 2010 - The Day The Sun and Moon Both Disappeared

lunar eclipse and winter solstice
Really Short Story: It's cold, the moon is getting blocked out, and there will be limited daylight today. Happy winter!
Short Story: If you happen to fall into the (assumedly) extremely small group of people that hate daylight, but also hate the moon, then consider yourself extremely lucky. You are probably more likely to win the lottery than to have the moon's light completely blocked out on the evening before the shortest day of the year, yet that is exactly what just happened, as a total lunar eclipse coincided with the winter sosltice for the first time in 400 years early this morning in North America. Of course, in all likelihood, in order to see it in the U.S., you will have to brave extremely cold temperatures, and pray that all that snow falling on your face doesn't block your view.
samuel l. jackson
December 21, 2010: samuel l. jackson Day! - Only a dude like this could pull off a name like this and be taken seriously.
WHY?: I bet you didn't know (but probably could have guessed) that the L stands for Leroy. I bet you also didn’t know (but also probably could have guessed) that Jackson was part of a group of students that once took members of the Morehouse College Board of Trustees hostage, demanding reform in the school's governance and curriculum. After that criminal act and a variety of other civil rights activities, Jackson was mentored by (bet you couldnt' guess this one) Morgan Freeman through a variety of small acting roles, before finally getting a big break in Spike Lee's 1991 film Do The Right Thing. Of course, then he had his nearly career-defining role as Jules in 1994's Pulp Fiction, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. From there, the rest was history, and Jackson would ride a wave of success all the way to box office glory in 2006's Snakes on a Plane.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
diane sawyer - If you're into smart, accomplished, successful older women, well, this is your chick right here.
lady bird johnson - Even if she hadn't married President Lyndon B. Johnson, I imagine that name would have made her famous somehow.
ralph fiennes - I don't know what he's starred in, but you pronounce his name "Rafe" instead of "Ralf."
woman bites off husband's tongue
Yes, she bit off his tongue, and that was arguably the least bizarre part of this story.
former nba star strange game in china
Apparently, the earlier half of this decade was not the golden age of the NBA, as all of its star guards are now forced to play under strange conditions in China.
2010 word of the year
I'll give you a hint, the word of the year was not "extravagance" or "enthusiasm."
$11 million christmas tree
Leave it to the crazy big spenders in the UAE to spend this kind of money for a holiday they probably don't even celebrate.
crazy juggling
I don't know how this guy did this for 4 minutes…I couldn't even watch it for 4 minutes.

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