December 28, 2010 - A White Christmas, Indeed

christmas weekend storms
Really Short Story: Are you sure that white Christmas dream wasn't a nightmare?
Short Story: Well, for all those dreaming of a white Christmas out on the East Coast, I guess you all got your wish, and maybe learned a little lesson in the process. That lesson, of course, being that you should be careful what you wish for. The East Coast, as far South as North Carolina got destroyed by blizzard-like conditions, forcing the delay of an NFL game in Philadelphia as well as thousands of stranded passengers up and down the coast. Of course, I could think of worse places to be stuck than an airport. I could keep myself entertained on those moving walkway things for hours, maybe days...
denzel washington
December 28, 2010: denzel washington Day! - Making the name Denzel sound cool since the 1980's.
WHY?: Among Denzel Washington's accomplishments are two Golden Globe Awards, a Tony Award, two Academy Awards (one for best supporting actor in Glory, and one for best actor in Training Day,) and perhaps his greatest feat: a 27-year marriage to one women without divorce! It's possible that fact is more impressive than his distinguished movie career which has seen play everything from Malcolm X to football coach Herman Boone in Remember the Titans. I tried to find at least one movie to show that even a well-respected actor like Denzel takes a bad part every now and then, but the best I could do was John Q. You should also know that Denzel played one semester of college basketball at Fordham University, probably the least success he has had in anything in his life.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
mary tyler moore - I could be wrong, but I believe she was like the 1960's version of a MILF.
jude law - I don't know what a Lothario is, technically, but I think that's what Jude Law is.
ted danson - Former star of hit sitcom Cheers, now better known for his absurdly white hair.
cocaine easter eggs
I just figured it was all the chocolate that made me feel so good on Easter morning…
pa governor calls nfl and usa weak
How's this for a re-election slogan: "You people are almost as weak as the sports leagues you follow!"
crazy free throw
I'm more surprised that they televise Idaho State basketball games, and that anyone would actually watch it close enough to record this.
overexcited christmas kid
Just remember kids, uhhh, look where you are going when you run?
natalie portman engaged pregnant
Who says celebrities aren't real people? They have shotgun weddings too.

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