November 27-28, 2010 - fresh weekend SEARCH PARTY knowledge

In the last several months, thousands of unsuspecting internet patrons have accidentally stumbled upon the fresh knowledge served up here at wc,t. However, upon a further review of the search engine traffic to the site, I became deeply concerned that, based upon the search terms that have landed some people here, I have not been able to drop the proper knowledge on these folks. So, today, I aim to rectify that problem. I present you, loyal and not-so-loyal readers, with the top 10 search terms for wc,t as well as my 10 favorite search terms, and a little knowledge to go along with them. I can only hope that this will answer some of your bizarre internet queries...
If you divide 9 by 11, you get .81 repeating on in to eternity…as I was inclined to point out on this year's anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America. Regardless of this fact, there is really no reason I can imagine to look up this number via internet search. However, if you are the type of person who looks up random numbers on Google for fun, then you may just be in the right place.
alan thicke
Alan Thicke is known primarily as a.) Jason Seaver, second-greatest television dad of his era, after Bob Saget and b.) Canadian-born father of R&B recording artist Robin Thicke. Of course, Robin Thicke has performed with such rap luminaries as Lil Wayne, meaning that the gap between Kirk Cameron and Cash Money Records is not quite as wide as one would probably think.
Did you know that Nelly has released three #1 albums in the United States? Also, his real name is Cornell Haynes Jr., meaning he overcame significant odds as a young child in growing up to become a major rap superstar.
san diego chicken mascot
Disgraced baseball wannabe-Hall of Famer Pete Rose dressed up as the San Diego Chicken masoct at Wrestlemania XV in 1999. Unfortunately, he was the victim of a piledriver at the hands of WWF superstar Kane. The lesson to be learned here: don't ever disrespect the Chicken.
william hung
Of all the crazy things that have happened as a result of the American Idol franchise over the past 10 years or so, perhaps none is more inexplicable than the fact that it allowed William Hung to release an album…or that anyone actually bought it.
condoms for kids
Do kids really need condoms? Are they even capable of producing children? Do they even know how sex works? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then is the internet to blame for all of this?
tim tebow haircut
If you've followed Tim Tebow throughout his football career, then you know that his haircut has generally never been anything to be all that interested in….except for that time in NFL training camp when he cut his hair just like St. Francis of Assisi.
zola budd
All you need to know about Zola Budd in one sentence: she had a ridiculously awesome name, she's South African, she made an American cry on national television, and she ran barefoot.
attica high school
Wikipedia lists the most notable native of Attica, Indiana as George Dewey Hay, founder of the Grand Ole Opry. Obviously, Wikipedia has never heard of the legends of Attica like Ed Durnil, Shawn Crawford and David Dill. Just when you thought Wikipedia was perfect...
kige ramsey
Speaking of legends, if you aren't familiar with YouTube Sports host Kige Ramsey, then you, my friend, have not yet truly experienced the internet.

HOTTEST wc,t search
randy moss mask
If you're looking for a great Christmas present for your child this year…well, the Randy Moss mask would be any child's dream come true…if you can even find it any more. Try eBay?
"mr. peanut"
To be associated in any way with a walking peanut dressed in a tophat and a monacle is a dream come true, to say the least.
alcohol in water coolers?
I don't think you're supposed to put alcohol in the work water cooler, but it sure would make the work day a lot more interesting…and maybe more productive?
baby hurricane fans
If there was such a thing as a baby hurricane, I might actually be a fan, but that still wouldn't be nearly as cool as a mini-tornado.
did yanni barrios de miner went back to his wife
Well, in an ideal world, Yanni Barrios would go back to his wife…with about 5 other Chilean women, and maybe a couple other Chilean miners. In reality, well, I'm not sure his wife was down with that whole idea. You'd think after 60+ days in that mine, maybe she would let him have some fun...
greyhound systems from lawrence taylor
It appears that Lawrence Taylor was meant to do one thing in life…so, I don't know what a greyhound system is, but you might want to get it from someone other than LT.
people who tan in tanning beds in the future
Sorry, as far as I know, you can only find pictures of people in the past. If you just want a picture of someone who tans, look up The Situation. I'm pretty sure he'll still be tanning in the future.
picture of mickey mouse in 1988
That's a very specific request. I'm sure I can find it…I just don't know how to verify the exact year.
sit on crocodile
NO! Do not sit on a crocodile! First, you must wrestle it, tape it's mouth up, then sit on it.
waterkoeler cunningham
I don't know who this guy is, but obviously, I really want to meet him.

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