November 29, 2010 - A Hole in the Government's Classified Bucket

wikileaks classified document release
Really Short Story: Classified government documents actually sound really boring.
Short Story: Apparently, the website known as Wikileaks (or maybe the people who run it?) are not aware of what the term "classified" means, because this is the second time in the last several months that they have released thousands of confidential documents from the United States government to various media outlets. So, as the U.S. government scrambles to do some damage control, and Wikileaks scrambles to do some damage prevention to their website, what does this mean to the average citizen like you and I? Well, unless you care what the Saudi Arabian government thinks about the nuclear program in Iran, you will probably have very little interest in the documents. So, our wait continues for something actually interesting to be leaked, like a Bill Clinton sextape, or George Bush's notes during important meetings with world leaders....
Don Cheadle
November 29, 2010: Don Cheadle Day! - You know, the guy from the movies. Which movies? Uhhhh, well...
WHY?: Quick! Name 3 movies that Don Cheadle has been in! That's what I thought…couldn't do it, could you? (Eh, I don't care if you could, either…) Still, you'd recognize Don Cheadle if you saw him, I bet, even if you don't know where you recognize him from. Of course, that means he's been just about everywhere. His most well-known roles are probably from Ocean's Eleven, Traffic, and an Academy Award-nominated performance in Hotel Rwanda. Of course, you've also seen him guest star as Will Smith's friend Ice Tray in a Fresh Prince episode, or in his role on the short-lived Golden Girls spinoff Golden Palace. Cheadle has starred in seemingly thousands of other roles, in addition to being an avid golfer, a great poker player, and a vocal activist against the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. Is there anything this guy can't do...besides maybe land a more memorable, career-defining role?

TOMORROW'S contenders:
bo jackson - Bo Knows Hip Replacement At a Really Young Age.
ben stiller - Remember the guy who played George Costanza's dad in Seinfeld? This is his son.
mark twain - Also known as Sam Clemens…he was a 19th century author known for his cool mustache.

11/30/10 POTD POLL!
cyber monday
It's cyber Monday…not nearly as cool as it sounds…it just means you have to spend even more money.
high speed camera
This isn't a video from a really slow train of really slow-moving people. It's just a really high-speed camera really slowed down. Get it?
leslie nielsen dies
The most hilarious dude named Leslie ever. He could have retired after Airplane! and I'd still think he was one of the funniest dudes of all time.
bad facebook profile pic ideas
These are pretty obvious…or at least you'd really wish that some people thought they were more obvious.
is college a bargain
This sounds like a letter published by private colleges to high school parents everywhere.


  1. Don Cheadle was in Hotel for Dogs, Hotel Rwanda and Traffic. Those were off the top of my head. He was also in some of those Ocean's movies. #justsayin :P


  2. Ok fine, just read the rest of your post... lol - he was also in Crash and The Family Man.

  3. I think Don Cheadle was in a Vietnam movie. Can't remember if it was Hamburgar Hill or Platoon.

    I never vote for the ones getting the votes. Bo knows both!!!


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