November 30, 2010 - Go East, Young TCU!

tcu joins big east
Really Short Story: College football conference names are now officially meaningless.
Short Story: Well, someone better tell TCU the bad news. The Horned Frogs football team, which is seemingly stuck at the #3 spot in the BCS standings and as a result probably won't get a shot at the national championship this year, won't get any bonus points applied to this year's standings by agreeing to move to the Big East conference in 2012. (Not that playing in a conference like the Big East would even improve their profile this year.) The good news is that it might help them out when they do actually make the move, since the Big East is technically a BCS conference, as opposed to their current home in Mountain West. The strange news is that TCU, located in Dallas, isn't exactly, well, uh, East? However, the Big Ten isn't exactly Ten any more either, is it?
mark twain
November 30, 2010: mark twain Day! - The man, the psuedonym, the mustache, the legendary books.
WHY?: Some people consider Mark Twain the father of American literature. What they don't know is that Mark Twain was just a fake name for a dude whose real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Okay, maybe they do know that, but it's still worth noting. He was also owner of one of the finest mustache's the 19th century ever produced, and that's when mustaches were popular, so this was no small feat. When not focusing on his incredible facial hair, Clemens/Twain did a little writing, although, if he wrote anything beyond Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn, I don't know of it. However, these stories of the lives of youth growing up on the Mississipi are supposed to be pretty classic American literary works. I guess I'll just have to take everyone's word on that.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
jared fogle - Perhaps the most famous weight-loss/fast-food sub sandwich spokesman of all-time. Better known as "Jared."
pablo escobar - Back in his day, no one made drugs better than Senor Escobar.
richard pryor - Funny dude had an awesome mustache and did a lot of drugs in his day.

12/1/10 POTD POLL
kardashian kard cancelled
What kind of world are we living in when the Kardashian sisters can't offer a pre-paid debit card with predatory fees?
leslie nielsen tribute
See! I told you this guy was funny!
spiderman musical problems
I mean, who ever thought Spiderman belonged on Broadway has some serious problems themselves. What a tangled web…
fiji water dispute with fiji
Fiji water will no longer be made in Fiji the country. I hope they move their operations to Guam. I would drink Guam water.
woman crashes car onto top of tree
If you ask me, this lady shouldn't be charged with anything, but should win awards for most awesome landing.

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