November 26, 2010 - Black Friday Starts Run to White Christmas?

black friday
Really Short Story: The most frightening-sounding day off from work you will ever have.
Short Story: I don't know about you, but I've always found the concept of Black Friday to be a little bit racist. Of course, that's because I never knew what it meant until yesterday. So, now that I realize that, thanks to a rare day off from work, it means that everyone in the world is going out shopping for Christmas, I guess I still don't find it all that appealing. With that in mind, I am going to boycott Black Friday and all the mega-deals that retailers use to lure us in, and sit here on my computer, and maybe do some online shopping or something...ahhh, damn it! They got me! I guess there's no escaping Black Friday.
shawn kemp
November 26, 2010: shawn kemp Day! - He might not be your favorite NBA player of all-time, but he might be your dad.
WHY?: About 15 years ago, a lot of kids would have been thrilled to learn that his parents were spending Black Friday shopping for a Shawn Kemp jersey for him. Nowadays, you're more likely to find a child fathered by Shawn Kemp, than one who considers himself a fan of the former All-Star NBA forward. Kemp exploded onto the NBA scene in Seattle with monstrous dunks as a relative unknown, after only attending junior college, when a short stint at Kentucky didn't work out. However, after several All-Star seasons and an NBA Finals appearance in Seattle, The Reign Man, as he was then known, was traded to Cleveland, where he ballooned in size, and had a cocaine problem exposed. This effectively ended his career. Of course, Kemp is most well-known for his love of children...or at least producing them. Kemp had allegedly fathered at least 7 children as of 1998, with that number surely higher by now. Father's Day must be a super-busy day....

TOMORROW'S contenders:
rahm emanuel - Obama's former badass sidekick who wants to be Chicago's badass mayor.
don cheadle - I'm not sure what he's actually best known for…but every time you see him, it’s like "Hey, there's Don Cheadle!"
howie mandel - Game show host trying to bring the bald-head/soulpatch look in style.

11/29/10 POTD POLL!
chinese wal-mart
You think we Americans are the only ones who buy ridiculous things at places like Wal-Mart? Think again!
harry potter actor confused
So, it turns out he really is a wizard playing an actor…just as I suspected.
super bowl halftime performers
Every time I see the Black Eyed Peas perform live, it makes me think about how they magical they must be in the studio.
kanye west latest rant
Apparently, Kanye isn't really sorry to Taylor Swift, he's just sorry people were so dumb as to give her that award.
why sarah palin might be president
Perhaps the most frightening headline I have seen in all my years…

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