August 14, 2010 - fresh DOG DAYS weekend knowledge

Check out KONWAY's NEW approved BLOG reading list this weekend!

dogs protected from smoke in moscow
I know this looks cool on a dog, but even doctors will admit that they only wear those little facemasks for looks.

name change boomer the dog
While he was turned down for the name change, I highly suggest Mr. the Dog seek a haircut change.
biggest football player ever
Someone needs to explain to this guy that when they suggested he start playing ball, they meant basketball. Oops.
chinese human dominoes
Arguably the most boring Guinness World Record ever....and China is supposed to be a growing world power? Ha.
big money for pranks
If you were planning on exposing yourself in front of President Obama at some point, well, now you can get paid to do it.
alvin greene porn charge
What a great country we live in! Surfing porn on a college library computer one minute, running for the United States Senate the next!
basil marceaux campaign ad
Speaking of rags to riches dreamers, we need a little Basil Marceaux to kick this weekend off in style.
dog-sized rats detect tb
Call me crazy, but if this is the only way to tell if I have tuberculosis, then I am just going to have to take my chances with the disease.
kids steal plane and fly
I guess the parents should be impressed that their kids are so good at flying...and maybe a little relieved that don't "get high" like most kids.
first-borns are smarter
I assume this study was conducted by a first-born...because the other kids aren't smart enough to conduct such a study, of course.

If you don't want to get your dog one of those medical masks to protect it from the elements, then the least you can do is buy it some nice pajamas!

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