August 16, 2010 - Martin Kaymer (knows the) RULES!

martin kaymer pga champion
Remember the name Martin Kaymer. Try to remember it, at least, because even though he won this weekend's PGA Championship on the shores of Lake Michigan at Whistling Straits in a playoff, the tournament appears it will be remembered more for Dustin Johnson's ruling mishap on the final hole, when he lost 2 strokes thanks to a phantom bunker, costing him a shot at the playoff. Ah, who are we kidding, no Tiger, no Phil, no one will remember anything from this tournament a week from now.
craigslist killer suicide
Don't freak out, everyone! If you are looking for tickets to this weekend's game, a used couch on the cheap, or just trying to stalk a "missed connection," you thought you had this weekend, then we have good news: no one killed Craigslist, yet. However, someone did allegedly use the site to connect with and murder a young lady last year, but we may never know, as he committed suicide in his jail cell as he awaited trial. So, yeah, I guess Craigslist just has to hope that no press is bad press...
obama mosque remarks
I know that America is supposed to be a land of freedom, and that is supposed to include the freedom to practice whichever religion we choose. Well, listen, if you believe that, you obviously missed the clause in the Constitution which excluded Islam from that freedom. It appears President Obama missed the clause too, because he said in remarks this weekend that people have the right to practice Islam here...which is exactly what you'd expect a Muslim Kenyan President to say, I guess.
california race crash
In a sad, and all too unsurprising story, 8 people were killed yesterday at an off-road race in a dry desert lake in California after one of the racing trucks lost control and ran off into the crowd. Unfortunately, it would seem to me that this is one of the risks of attending an event where you watch large vehicles race around a desert without any barriers between you and the cars, so next time you are thinking about going to one of these things, remember this story, and look for something safer, like Running with the Bulls in Pamplona.
buffalo shooting arrests
Oops. No, no, I didn't mess up…that was the official statement from the Buffalo police after they realized that maybe they had arrested the wrong man in connection with shootings at a downtown restaurant over the weekend that left 4 people dead. It makes you think, what is this world coming to, when you can't even go out and have a good time in Buffalo without getting your party shot up?

surgery cures diabetes
Great news for all the fatties! It appears that, for one lady at least, gastric bypass surgery may have cured her weight-related diabetes problems! So have another donut…we'll fix all those health problems later!
bear gets head stuck in jar
Bears are crazy…and they will do just about anything to get their hands on food.
the groupon dilemma
Alienate your loyal customers? Underestimate demand? Overwhelm your staff? Get all this and more by using Groupon with your business.

antoine dodson video
Okay, this one has been circulating out there for a couple weeks…so if you haven't seen it yet, check out Antoine Dodson, and try to figure out who greenlighted this much of his interview for the broadcast.
charles barkley on lebron
Well, the good news for LeBron is that if he takes motivation from people badmouthing him, he should have a ton of motivation this season.

favorite STORY
We won't make you buy an entire book explaining all the rules of golf...just a book explaining some historical decisions on the rules of golf. Almost as fascinating as watching this weekend's no-name tournament.


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  2. Oh, the contest heard round the world can be found only on the BlogCatalog website. It was an epic battle, to be sure, that ended in a moose-off. Ms. Agapi Studios was not all that involved in the contest actually, but I agree she has an excellent site.
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