August 17, 2010 - Freedom of Some Religions

ground zero mosque debate
A little under 9 years ago, some terrorists with ties to the religion of Islam conducted the deadly 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers. Well, now a group of Muslims want to build a mosque near the site of that attack, and, understandably, some people are not entirely sure how they feel about it. However, President Obama has reminded people that, oh yeah, this is a land of the free...however, that was quickly rebutted by the Republicans, who claimed this was indeed a land of freedom...freedom to bear arms, and shoot guns, and start wars and stuff, but they don't recall the part about religion so well right now.

ground zero MOSQUE
gay marriage on hold
As things so often go in this judicial system of ours, it's oh so close, but no cigar, not until a few more years of appeals, at least, then, maybe. This time, it's the case of gay marriage in California, which appeared set to resume this week after a judge's ruling last week, but was put on hold for the 2nd time as the ruling is set to be appealed. Apparently, some people believe too much in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, and the subsequent 50% divorce rates to let that all be messed up by all these gays.
francisco rodriguez assault injury
You know, I often defend professional athletes to people who call them lazy and overpaid, but I do find it hard to defend someone like Francisco Rodriguez. K-Rod, the enigmatic nutjob closer who points to the sky emphatically often on the mound, apparently forgot to give thanks to the man above before he attacked his baby's mama's daddy last week, and tore a ligament in his thumb, ending his season in the process. Who knows, maybe the Mets were paying him $13+ Mil a year to keep his quasi-father-in-law in check, and to pitch for them, though?
colombian plane crash
When you think of Colombia, you don't often think of miracles, unless you are really tired, then you might seek something of Colombian origin to "miraculously" wake you up (I meant coffee, buddy.) However, yesterday, a plane crashed in the South American country and proceeded to split in half. Somehow, only one of the 100+ people on board died as a result. The pilot was praised for preventing further injury, but Miracle on the Hudson pilot Sully Sullenberger soon reminded people that in real plane miracles, no one dies.
pakistan flooding relief
The numbers are staggering when you read about the effects of massive floods in Pakistan recently. With over 20 million people affected, you can imagine why some people are going to be a little upset about the relief efforts that make Hurricane Katrina look like a Saturday afternoon walk in the park. However, another reason for the poor relief efforts may have something to do with a little thing called "donor fatigue." I guess people are just getting tired of being all charitable and stuff...or else they don't care for Pakistan?

tila tequila attacked onstage
You pay to see the Insane Clown Posse, then you don't want…wait, did people really pay to see the Insane Clown Posse?
alvin greene interview
Alvin Greene is clearly upset that that Tennessee governor candidate is stealing all his unqualified buffoon thunder.

vermont senate old spice
Now, here's how you run a Senate campaign. Less porn, more commercial parodies?
broadcaster fired for hat
Listen, I hate to sound sexist, but how could this young lady have been hired for a sports job without understanding something as simple as conference rivalries?
soccer player refuses to fast
Hey, man, it's not like your coaches were asking you to do anything crazy, just participate in a highly-demanding cardiovascular sport while not eating for a while. I mean, it was in the name of God, come on!
We'll hold off on profiteering off of 9/11 for now, and we'll look instead at some music from what I am sure is an outstanding garage band called Ground Zero.

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  1. I can see why a mosque being built near the site of the World Trade Centres would cause concern for a lot of people especially the ones directly affected by the attacks but at the same time I feel that an entire religion shouldn't be punished for the acts of some terrorists who didn't even understand their own religious scriptures. It's a tough one to call isn't it?


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