August 18, 2010 - Guilty! Kinda...Maybe?

blagojevich verdict
GUILTY! That's the verdict that the jury in the Rod Blagojevich trial came back with yesterday after nearly two weeks of deliberation. The only catch? They found the ex-Illinois governor guilty on just one count, and were undecided on the other 23 counts! So, the good news is that Blago will continue to fight on, as he promised in the ridiculously long statement that he made after the outcome. He also declared that his day in court would come, and then he could prove his innocence once and for all!

bobby thomson death
The shot heard round the world. Do you know what that refers to? Well, techincally, it can represent a lot of historical events, but if you happen to be a true red-blooded American over the age of 60, then you know it as the home run that Bobby Thomson hit to advance the New York Giants to the playoffs in 1951. If you're not a true red-blooded American over the age of 60, then you may be wondering how this guy hit a home run for a football team.
heidi montag plastic surgeon dies
In devastating news for America's 2nd-favorite plastic sweetheart (she hasn't overtaken Barbie yet) Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon died yesterday. Contrary to popular belief, he was not a victim of being incredibly over-worked, or a victim of too much Spencer Pratt exposure, but he was killed in a single-car accident. So, now, of course, a bevy of LA plastic surgeons will duke it out to see who can land a client that should carry their business for the next 40-50 years.
air force one air space violation
Given his love for basketball, you might think this story is about someone grabbing President Obama's sneakers as he went up for a monster jam in a pickup game. However, if you have any common sense, you realize this story has to do with someone flying too close to the President's plane yesterday. The incident happened as the President was flying over Seattle, and the sonic boom from the fighter jets that were scrambled in response almost made area residents nostalgic for that basketball team that used to play there.
brett favre returns
Hold on, let me check the archives to see how this works. Oh, okay, I guess we are supposed to act surprised that Brett Favre is returning to the NFL after "retiring" last month. To be fair, I guess it is unusual that he will be with the same team again. Also, after seeing Eli Manning get crushed in a preseason game last night, I can't fault him for waiting this long to commit.

tokyo white house model
Oh my God! Either Japan shrunk the White House, or they made themselves gigantic!
tyra skinniest model in the world
Maybe Tyra just meant that she knew this girl would never steal any of her snacks?
old lady dancing at walmart
I guess this video is good, but I was under the impression that this was one of the tamer things you would see at Walmart.

fat kid jumping jacks
Does forgetting how to even do a jumping jack really have anything to do with being obese?
joaquin phoenix comeback
I don't know, man, I have a hard time taking Joaquin seriously after that whole incestuous emperor turn in Gladiator.

I dont' know what this book is about...and, to be honest, I'm not sure I want to know. I'm just gonna buy it and hope it has some good Blaco pics!

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