August 19, 2010 - GM's Not-So-Initial Public Offering

gm files for ipo
GM is back! Well, back on the stock market at least…or they plan to be, after they filed for an IPO yesterday. So, while you somewhat unknowingly already have a rather large share in the company if you are a United States taxpayer, you can knowingly purchase your own piece of GM soon. Just beware, if they raise all this money and decide to reintroduce Hummers on a mass scale, sell immediately.

GM ipo
brett favre returns
From one traditional US powerhouse to another making a "comeback" of his own, Brett Favre officially announced that he would return for one more season with the Minnesota Vikings, with his sights set on the Super Bowl…and if they don't win it in 2011, they should certainly win it in 2012 or 2013. Wait, did he say was playing just one more season? Oh yeah, sorry about that, this will almost certainly probably maybe definitely possibly be his last season in the NFL.
blago juror speaks out
Wc,t local folk hero/clown/ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich should go to bed tonight thanking the Lord and our Founding Fathers that it takes a unanimous decision from a jury to find someone guilty in our judicial system. Because, if for any reason, they were to allow say, a large majority of 90%+ to rule instead, Blago might have been found guilty on much more than 4% of the counts against him. That's right, according to the jurors, apparently there was one huge Blago fan in the jury that held the whole thing up, and sent our boy Blago on to Trial round 2.
facebook location tool
Do you ever look into someone's profile picture on Facebook, and you can almost swear that you can see their eyes moving, watching your every move? No, well, I do, and the latest move from the social media giant may prove that they are watching you very closely. Apparently, they are working on a tool that would allow one to automatically share their location on the service. Hopefully the location will be more descriptive than just "at a computer."
us troops leave iraq
You don't gotta go home, but you got to get the hell out of here! The last US combat convoy in Iraq departed the country yesterday, pushing the US closer to their goal of 50,000 troops in the country by the end of the year. I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of troops for a non-war…but those 50,000 remaining troops are the peaceful ones, and have made promises not to even play the card game War or the board game Risk as long as they are in the country.

roger federer trick shot
Maybe he's lost his touch…or maybe he's spent too much time recently working on shots like this during commercial shoots.
cavs unveil new uniform
Ha Ha HA! Very funny, but, no the new Cavs uniforms will not have a gigantic sad face on them. It is a gigantic angry face.

science of football hits
This is why I didn't try to make the NFL…or because I'm not 6'4, 265 pounds of pure juiced-up muscle.
coach seat fees american airlines
This seems like some type of sneaky trick from American Airlines. You're gonna charge extra to sit in coach? If I don't pay, do I have to sit with the luggage?
chinese pod houses
I'm telling you, man, everyone is making China out to be this crazy economic powerhouse, but then how do you explain this story?

They may not make the Hummer any more, but you can still own one...albeit at about 1% of the size of the original. However, on the plus side, this model only consumes about the same amount of gas as a standard mid-size sedan.

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