August 8, 2011 - Yeah + Yeah + Yeah

Okay, if Arnold doesn't help you get over the global economic woes, then surely a dance hit from Ke$ha isn't going to do the trick. Which is why I am enlisting the help of none-other than (alleged?) Rihanna-beater, Today-Show-set-trasher, non-stop-dance-machine Chris Brown.
So try to ignore the fact that your 401(k) has declined 10% or so in the past week while also ignoring Mr. Brown's questionable character, and put your hands in the air, and say "Yeah," oh, I don't know, how about three times?

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  1. There's only one thing that makes me sadder than our current economic climate, and that's the financial success of an unquestionable d-bag. Although I will say I was glad it wasn't Ke$ha, bc I also dislike stupid and slutty lyrics and names with symbols in them.


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