July 28, 2011 - Driving Everyone Crazy

Before there was YouTube and everyone started thinking they were hilarious enough to make their own comedic videos, there was Tom Green. Tom Green was, depending on who you asked, either a hilarious young Canadian comedian, or the world's most obnoxious man. He spent his days (or nights/early mornings) doing things like painting his parent's car with pornographic images and renaming it the Slutmobile.
His father, of course, being what I imagine to be your typical mild-mannered Canadian man, essentially just walks past the car and decides to take the bus that day. My favorite part of the whole thing is that Tom hid in a little wooden box all night to wait to see his parents' reaction. That's dedication, and it's what truly made Tom Green a comedic genius...or a complete idiot.
In some ways, I guess Tom Green was just another early reality show, not nearly as ridiculous or obnoxious as the modern reality shows like Real Housewives of Somewhere or Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian.

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