July 29, 2011 - Not-So-United Way

Now that the NFL is back in business, we can sit here and argue all day long about the best quarterbacks of all-time, and where guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady belong on that list. Fortunately for you, I have absolutely no desire to do that.
I will tell you that I am a Peyton Manning fan, and it has nothing to do with his on-field heroics. If you have followed Mr. Manning since his days at Tennessee, you know about some of his more hilarious antics when he was the Big Man on Campus in Knoxville. In the pros, he has starred in millions of commercials, some funnier than others, and once threw fellow quarterback Jay Cutler's diabetes monitor into a pool (which, I guess, probably isn't all that funny.)
However, the highlight of Manning's comedy career came when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 2009. If you can watch the above video without developing a mild amount of respect for the man, then, my friend, perhaps it is time to review your priorities in life.

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  1. I'll kill a snitch! I'm not sayin' I have, I'm not sayin' I haven't.


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