March 9, 2011 - Buckeyes Caught Making a Few Extra Bucks

osu football coach in trouble
College football coach caught cheating! Scandal rocks the world...the world of people who live under rocks.

tiki barber coming out of retirement - My guess is that Tiki wants to look all tough, because he knows the NFL won't play another game until he turns 40 years old, at which point, he can retire again.
three officers wounded in shootout - Next time you think about complaining about how hard your job is...go ahead and read this story.
movie service on facebook - Netflix is about to find out firsthand just how serious the Zuck and his crew are about taking over the world.
npr caught slamming tea party - The head of fundraising at NPR was caught on tape slamming the Tea Party, calling it racist and scary...why do I all of a sudden want to make a large donation to NPR?
best horse race call ever
Finally, a horse race that is interesting without having a large sum of money riding on the outcome.
charlie sheen machete celebration
Charlie Sheen celebrates getting fired as only he can...on camera...on the roof of a building...with a machete.
tardy students get robocalls
It seems that some kids these days just need a wake-up call...literally.
jen aniston's viral video
Jen Aniston is trying to make a video about bottled water go viral...and she just might succeed.
massive fish dieoff
If you hate sardines, you will love this story.

steve wilkos
This big, bad, bald-headed security guard made his name hauling nutjobs off the stage for his buddy Jerry Springer, before turning into a minor form of a celebrity himself (occassionally warranting a "STEVE! STEVE! STEVE!" chant from the ravenous Springer audience) and turning that into his own show that I'm not sure anyone has ever watched.

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