March 8, 2011 - The Tribunal Council Has Resumed

obama resumes guantanamo tribunals
It hasn't been as easy to close Guantanamo Bay as President Obama first imagined, so I guess he figured as long as it's open, might as well hold a few old-fashioned military tribunals down there.

east coast rapist apprehended - This would seem to be a case of East Coast bias that the West Coast doesn't mind.
sheen fired from two and a half men - What do you mean they fired Charlie Sheen? I thought he was fired weeks ago?
no meeting for wisconsin budget talks - You know, this whole weird government mess in Wisconsin probably isn't doing a whole lot for their tourism industry.
gas prices keep rising - Seems like we're about due for Sarah Palin to emerge and start chanting "Drill Baby Drill!" as if the whole BP thing never happened.

nba fan gets coffee to the face
First of all, who drinks coffee at an NBA game. Second of all, if you're going to sit courtside, you should probably pay attention instead of standing up and staring at your shoes during the game.
tom bradys new haircut
It's getting to the point where I'm not really even sure if Tom Brady wants us to respect him any more.
new footage of 9/11
I haven't watched it, but I imagine it's really pretty similar to the old footage.
unusual beach wedding
Apparently, no one ever explained to this couple the concept of the tides.
be a hero and get fired
Who knew that WalMart even hired heroes in the first place.

james van der beek
No matter if you think of him as Dawson or Johnny "Mox" from Varsity Blues, he seemed like the perfect match for Katie Holmes, until that crazy Scientologist dude came along, but still, he doesn't want your life!

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