March 7, 2011 - Obama Tryin' To Tap That Oil Reserve?

obama considers tapping oil reserve
I guess he's probably tired of paying $4 a gallon…especially for that big old Air Force One plane.

miami heat lose 4th straight - Apparently some of the players were so upset they were crying in the locker room afterwards…which may explain why these guys aren't tough enough to be winning more games.
rango tops the box office - Come on. Everyone knew Johnny Depp voicing a cartoon lizard was as close to a sure thing as there is in Hollywood these days.
gaddafi launches counter attack - Don't get it wrong…his people love him and no one is protesting…but Mr. Gaddafi still needs to put down all those protests from all those people that hate him.
high school player dies after big shot - It's really a very sad story, but if you're going to go, it's not the worst way to go after hitting a game-winning shot.

jesper parnevik
This Swedish golfer is known primarily for his tight-fitting, brightly-colored pants and silly little hats. Of course, he also introduced Tiger Woods to his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, but I don't think he wants you to remember that any more.

angry woman destroys liquor store
Makes enemies of liquor lovers everywhere. Who destroys perfectly good liquor for no good reason???
scientists find alien life
Well, they found a fossil of some type of life in a meteorite…it doesn't even look like a real alien.
toddler placed in overhead bin
How many airplane passengers and flight attendants have dreamed of doing this at some point in their lives?
the fish test
This "fish test" will tell you everything that you need to know about your life, according to one of those "TED Talks."
best celebrity twitter pics ever
Also, proof, that most of the time, celebrity life is just as stupid as regular life.

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