March 10, 2011 - GOP Says Muslims are Rad!

rep peter king's muslim hearings
Calling all Muslims: the real Americans (the old white folks in the GOP) know what you are up to…trying to become all radical and what not...and not like a good 1980's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure type radical.

npr ceo resigns - Controversy aside, maybe she just knows that the government funding that covers her salary might not be there much longer?
illinois abolishes death penalty - So, if you are planning on committing a major crime, you might want to come to Illinois where you'll only get like 250 years in jail.
julianne moore to play sarah palin - Tina Fey might not be super-happy about this, but let's be honest, anyone can play Palin. Just throw on some glasses, use that Alaskan accent and mess up a few words every sentence.
carlos slim is world's richest man - What recession? The not-so-slim Slim added $20 bil to his net worth over the past year.
cheerleader extreme celebration
I am impressed that the paramedics restrained themselves from running up on stage to give this girl medical attention.
price of china's national liquor rising - What good is Communism if you can't even get a good deal on the national liquor.
bank robber turned down by teller - They say the pen is mightier than the sword…except when you are robbing a bank, then a gun is much more effective.
skype wedding - I'd bet anything this guy thought he had gotten out of this whole wedding thing when he got locked up in an isolation unit at the hospital…
college basketball referee error - To be fair though, maybe they had ref'ed a perfect game for the first 39 minutes and 58 seconds.

chuck norris
I'm really not sure when Carlos Ray Norris became such a crazy, unexpected pop culture legend, but I don't like to buy into the hype. I mean, I love the guy's beard and I was as big a Walker, Texas Ranger fan as anyone, but I just don't get it. Although, I guess that movie Sidekicks with Jonathan Brandis was pretty awesome.

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