March 11, 2011 - Japan Does The Wave

huge quake and tsunami hit japan
It should be pretty clear by now...while tsunami is a funny word, there is absolutely nothing funny about the massive amounts of damage that they can cause.

timberlake and biel split up - For those of you interested in dating Justin Timberlake or Jessica Biel, well, you still probably have no chance.
demonstrations in saudi arabia - By demonstrations, I mean protests. They aren't demonstrating how to make money selling oil to the U.S…although, if anyone could do it…
sheen files $100 million lawsuit - If you are wondering how Sheen sees himself ending up in this lawsuit, I'd probably have to guess he'd say "Duh, winning!"
ipad2 release day - Are you freaking out about today's release of the iPad2? Seriously? I thought Charlie Sheen had problems…
grandparents sing baby got back
Like talking animals, there is something about rapping grandparents that the general public of America seems to love.
tornado on security tapes - Ever wonder what a tornado looks like through the eyes of an auto parts store security camera? Well, wonder no more!
supermoon march 19 - The supermoon is coming soon…be on the lookout for moody teenaged werewolves.
justin biebers girlfriends viral video - Well, she's not really his girlfriend, but she wanted to sing this song about being his girlfriend to become famous…probably to become his girlfriend.
hockey player legally charged for hit? - Zdeno Chara says he didn't mean to break the guy's neck…well, tell it to the judge, Zdeno!

joey buttafuoco
This unfortunately-named fellow looks exactly like you would expect him to. That's right, he's a big Italian goon who sleeps with 17 year-old chicks that end up killing his wife.

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