March 12-13, 2011 - fresh weekend MADNESS knowledge

When you talk about college basketball this year, the conversation starts with one, strange, Mormon name at BYU…
…and ends with another, unusual, New York City name at UConn. You'll hear the debate in the coming days or weeks, but it can only truly be settled by how far each can carry their team towards an NCAA Championship. Fortunately for Kemba, none of his teammates have been kicked off the team for being normal college kids.
bill buford
If you watch top-ranked Ohio State, you'll hear a lot about highly-touted freshman Jared Sullinger, but the key to this team is his supporting cast…namely, the talented shooting guard named Bill Buford.
kenneth faried
This dreadlocked rebounding beast may only play one game in the tournament for his squad at Morehead State, but it's a game worth catching. He leads the world in rebounding, and will be taking to his talents to the NBA this fall…looking to become the most successful Morehead State alum of all-time.
brad wanamaker
If you're trying to picture this guy in your head, stop right now. The star guard of Pittsburgh's highly-ranked team is, how do I put this…not white!
harry barnes
The top-ranked freshman coming into the season struggled at the beginning to live up to the hype, but is really coming around at just the right time, meaning that we might just see the novelty of a Tar Heel championship again.
ben hansbrough
Speaking of Tar Heels, the brother of everyone's favorite Tar Heel, Tyler Hansbrough, is now annoying opponents and opposing fans everywhere in South Bend for the potentially top-seeded Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.
jon leuer
If you're looking for this year's version of last year's big white three-pointing stud, Gordon Hayward, maybe you can look to the union-hating state of Wisconsin and big Jon Leuer.
markieff morris
Not to be confused with Marcus Morris, who is actually his twin brother…and also plays on the same Kansas team…and is probably just as talented.
mike krgadshaseski
What would the NCAA Tournament be without the team that everyone really loves to hate and the coach whose name everyone really hates to spell…and this year, the Dukies are the defending champs.

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