March 14, 2011 - Japan's Reactions Range from Sad to Nuclear

japan's nuclear crisis
There's nothing like trying to recover from a tsunami, only to find out that a bunch of your nuclear reactors are about to meltdown…or so I've heard.

ncaa tournament brackets - Get your brackets ready…you gotta be prepared to lose the office pool to the 60 year-old secretary who doesn't know what the little numbers mean.
ipad2 debut sales - Surprise! A bunch of people went out and bought that new iPad this weekend. Although, they would have done the same thing if Apple had just put a little 2 on the original iPad, I bet.
alec baldwin advice for charlie sheen - Alec Baldwin says that Charlie Sheen can't win…to which Charlie Sheen says, "Duh, winning!"
spring forward begins - Yes, daylight savings time began this weekend. Yes, it's actually an hour later than you think it is right now.
cnbc's larry kudlow on the tsunami
I'm just amazed that he fails to equate the massive human toll of the tsunami as a major loss of workforce.
kirk herbstreit forced out of columbus - If you're an Ohio State fan, and you don't think Kirk Herbstreit represents your University well enough…well, I don't know who you are possibly hoping for other than Jesus himself.
pictures from japan - I told you…tsunami is a funny name…until you see what they actually do.
chris webber mocks the miami heat - Strangely enough, Chris Webber sure seemed to do a lot of crying himself after big losses in that Fab Five movie last night.
tsunami footage - For the last time, tsunamis are no laughing matter. Water is an extremely powerful force that will send all kinds of wreckage floating toward you at high speeds.

larry "grandmama" johnson
Everyone thinks that the Fab Five was the beginning of the current era of college basketball, but really that would do a major disservice to a group of hoodlums that played and won the NCAA title at the University of Nevada Las Vegas a couple years earlier. Among them was the 6'4 power forward with the gap-toothed smile, nicknamed after his grandma, Larry Johnson.

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