March 15, 2011 - Taking The Bus is a Bad Gamble

deadly bronx bus crash developments
The bus driver in the crash that killed 14 on an overnight trip from Chinatown to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut says it wasn't his fault. The truck driver that he blamed it on says it's not his fault. The crash survivors just want to get back to the casino to see if they can continue this streak of luck.

celebs mocking japan - Here's a general tip for celebs considering mocking any recent tragic event…give it another 150 years. As Michael Scott once said on The Office, "The Lincoln assassination just became funny."
ncaa tournament first four games - Soooo, yeah, the "first round" of the NCAA tournament starts today. Although, I am guessing they called it that just to make those teams feel better when they find out that if they lose they aren't actually playing in the tournament.
nuclear plants under scrutiny - The Japanese disaster has made other countries consider whether their nuclear power plants would be safe in the event of a large earthquake leading to a massive tsunami.
sidney crosby skates again - Arguably the world's greatest hockey player is back on skates after arguably the world's worst (and longest) headache.
worst music video ever
Yet, it has 5 million+ views on YouTube. I guess it's true what they say about not being able to look away…
nba ref sues over tweet - If he wins, I am going online to search for every time anyone's even come close to Tweeting/misinterpreting anything I ever said.
not rich until you have $7.5 mil? - I guess if this article proves anything, it's that rich people are as ignorant as you have been lead to believe.
20 worst drinks in america - If you ask me, any worst drinks list should start with a "Cosmo" and end with an "Appletini."
viral videos of tsunami - If that music video above wasn't disastrous enough, this should do the trick. Not to compare the two or anything…I don't want to pull a Gilbert Gottfried.

I am not entirely sure how Fabio became so famous, but I believe it's because he's been on the cover of hundreds of romance novels. Personally, I remember him for that time that he busted open his nose after getting hit by a bird on a roller coaster. Either way, happy birthday, buddy!

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