March 16, 2011 - All Nate Doggs Go To Heaven

rip nate dogg
It's a sad day for rap fans everywhere, as well as for people who just love a great sidekick, as Nate Dogg, perhaps best known for helping Warren G "Regulate" during the mid-90's has died at the young age of 41.

cia contractor freed in pakistan killings - It seems that the families of those killed were willing to forget the whole thing...for the right price.
china suspends nuclear power plants - seems that everyone is suddenly ultra-aware of all potential dangers of nuclear power.
us stocks hurt by japan and middle east - Just when you think the stock market can do nothing but go up, Japan has to go and have a massive earthquake/tsunami natural disaster to pile on top of all the Mid-East unrest.
clemson beats uab in first four - Well, for all those pundits who were so upset that UAB made the tournament, don't worry, they aren't in it any more.
preschool fails to prepare for ivy league
I always figured I would have been able to go to Harvard if my preschool had prepared me better...
guy hacks into time squares video - I don't know...if you're gonna hack into such a major forum, at least put a semi-interesting video on?
baby scared of mom blowing nose - There's nothing like scaring your young baby over and over again for a few laughs...
adrian peterson compares football to slavery - In a lot of ways, I guess I can see the similarities, if you ignore the millions of dollars the players get for playing a game.
failed dunk breaks backboard - I guess if you're going to miss a dunk, you might as well tear the rim off while you're up there.

flavor flav
He made his name in the ground-breaking rap group Public Enemy with his gigantic clock necklaces, and re-emerged onto the scene earlier this decade on his own reality show where a bevy of completely insane women vied for this strange-looking little fella's affection.

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